Tuesday, June 27, 2017

~Pottery Barn Dorm~

I got a little present in the mail the other day.
A Pottery Barn dorm catalog. 
D A N G E R O U S 

I am really excited to help Savannah and her roommate decorate their dorm, so I have picked out a few of my favorites!
They are looking for pinks, grays, whites, and a bit of gold, very girly!

I like the idea of tapestries for a couple of reasons.
One, they cover up unsightly walls if that is an issue.
Two, they are lightweight and can easily hang from command hooks.

I also think it is important to have luxurious bedding. Just because you are living in a dorm does not mean you have to settle for uncomfortable scratchy sheets.
I love this set.

Talk about squeezing in a ton of storage into one small space!

These mini fridges are so fun and colorful.

So many fun things to make these little spaces cute! I cannot wait to get my hands on that room.


Monday, June 26, 2017

~grad party for Savannah ~

Don't you hate it when you intend to take a ton of photos, and then at the last minute you find yourself doing last minute jobs like cleaning, putting out the last of the food, etc.?
Well, that happened to me, so I apologize.
I really wanted to get a bunch of pictures to share but I only have a few. I wished I would have hired a photographer, or even just a neighbor kid to walk around and snap photos.

But here is what I did get.
Overall it was a wonderful night.
It was hot, but not too hot, the food was great, the company was wonderful, and Savannah felt the love.
The same girl that made the globe guest books, made this sign.
Days before the party we were putting the final touches on this new building.
 The table and chairs, buckets, and plain sign were all thrift shop purchases.

In the center of the room I made a 17' table for all the food.
At the last minute I ended up buying 15 yards of burlap and stapling it to the bottom to create a ruffled skirt. Placing the food on different levels keeps it from looking too boring and adds interest.

I used a combination of mix and match vintage white salad plates, cake stands, and wood boards. I will link up to them at the end of this post.

There was desserts galore, so we threw in some fruit plates and heavy appetizers.
Although I will admit, I mostly ate the desserts.....

I managed to get a few pictures of the guests. Savannah and her friend John here.
Everyones trying to spend so much time together before heading off in different directions.

 I added a few more tables around the yard. We don't have the hugest yard but we were able to accommodate around 75 people. Thank goodness for the nice weather!
These table tops trowel tops from a construction job that were getting thrown out. To me they looked like bistro table tops, so I got 3 of them and put them on thrift shop cafe table bases which I spray painted white. 

 We had wine and champagne and lemonade as well as a variety of sodas and juices on the deck on the potting bench.
I filled the metal troughs with ice and filled them up with the different drinks.

And really, there is nothing like having a party to get the house and yard ready!
I think I need to throw a party every couple of months. 

 Our new building ties onto the back of my studio here. You can't really see it from the view here, but I will share more soon.

My sweet mom made this huge flower arrangement for the center of the table.

And the cheapest place I found really good macrons? 
Trader Joes and Whole Foods!
So, so, so yummy.

I am really gonna miss these kids.

Boards with the caprese skewers can be found here.
Boards with the charcuterie can be found here.
Slate tiered stand can be found here.
I also filled these bowls with slices of bread.
The white cake stands are all from here.

I used our cordless lamps outside, which I have been wanting to do since getting them.
It created a soft ambiance as it got darker outside.
I also wrapped several tree trunks with twinkly white lights.

 Trader Joes sells French caramels that are so delicious.
I filled little 2" square boxes with white paper crinkles and caramels as take homes for each guest.
The labels I had created here with a THANK YOU, and her name on them.

And of course I had to have candles burning!
How sweet are these candles from homesick?
Great for a grad party right?

A couple 36" balloons to fill the space!

Our trampoline got a lot of use from all the little kids!
Have I ever shown this trampoline?
We dug out for it when the kids were little because I was always paranoid they were going to fall off.

That's a wrap!
So fun, such great friends, lots of memories made!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

~how to make a farm table on the cheap~

More graduation party posts!

We needed a BIG table for our party so we wracked our brains and tried to think of the cheapest way possible to make a 17' table.

What we came up with may not be super high end or fancy, but it's cute and it'll do the trick and worked for us in a pinch.

We staggered scaffolding boards on sawhorses, and screwed them in for 
extra stability.
Any wood would work for this but scaffolding planks work extra well because they are meant to span long lengths and still be really stable.

I have yet to even clean them, but I am already loving the writing on them.

We only had 2 wood sawhorses, so we ended up having to use these plastic ones. See, I told you, not fancy, but that's ok! You could probably cover them with burlap or linen or another kind of fabric, but in our case, the chairs cover them pretty well and I am not too picky.

I picked up a bunch of chairs on the cheap at thrift shops and painted them. 
I mostly used Annie Sloan greys.
I am having a flea market the following weekend so I figure I can just sell all this after the party!

Excited to show you bits and pieces of the party, but I cannot wait until it all comes together and I can show you it all!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

~graduation food ideas~

Even though Savannah's party isn't until Saturday, I have been planning the menu for a while now.
We are serving appetizers and desserts.
I have a combination of home made treats, store bought items, commissioned desserts, champagne, wine, and other drinks.

While our party doesn't have a theme, we are heavily leaning on French inspired foods, as we are going to tour Europe this summer!

While this does not tie in with French food, I couldn't pass up this cute cake and ordered it from my friend Jenny through her bakeshop.

I am having flat bottom cake pops made from my friend Margo who owns PinkaBella Cupcakes.

They will look similar to these, found on Pinterest.

I made madelines, eclairs, and sugar cookies in the shape of fleur de lis.

I bought eclairs, cream puffs, wafers, and Pirouline cookies.

Trader Joes has some amazing desserts in their frozen food section and I also bought caramels there.
We also have all the making for smores!

For appetizers I am making charcuterie boards, caprese skewers, and fresh fruit.

I bought this from World Market .
And as I mentioned before a selection of wines, champagne, and other non alcoholic drinks.

I am envisioning something like this:

Here is a picture of us yesterday at the graduation ceremony!

Wish me luck!

Monday, June 19, 2017

~globe guest book for graduation~

We've been getting ready for our daughter Savannah's high school graduation party.

{she actually graduates TODAY!}

I wanted to have a guest book that wasn't your traditional guestbook, so I decided to paint a couple globes with chalkboard paint and have the guests sign them with a white permanent marker.

I think it's fun to have the globes, they symbolize the grads taking off and going to different colleges all over the country.

After the globes were painted I hired a friend to write "2017" on one, and "congrats" on the other.
I thought about trying to do it myself, but I am so glad I didn't because she did an incredible job!

Aren't they sweet?
Things are coming together. 
I hope to share a bit more of the party planning and progress all week.
Even if you don't have a grad, maybe you can take something away for an event of your own?
Or maybe you can adapt some of the ideas into your home?

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