Tuesday, September 26, 2017

~fall on the deck~{pick your poison}

I love squeezing in every inch of summer weather, as it turns into fall, by dining outdoors.
Theres something so refreshing about sitting in the fresh air as it turns a bit chilly at night.

We recently re-did our deck, and while it's not quite ready for it's full reveal, I wanted to give you a glimpse into a fun tables cape I did with a new dining set we just got.

We eventually need to get an outdoor sofa and chairs because this deck is huge, 1,000 square feet. But for now, we decided just to get an affordable dining table and chairs. We picked this one because of just that. It was affordable, and stylish all at the same time. It seats 6, so like I said, we will be adding onto it next spring, but for now, it's perfect for our little family.
I was also drawn to it because it came fully assembled :) 

Once we put it on the deck I decided to do a fun fall tables cape that isn't your typical one.
We have a plethora of apples off my sisters tree, so I thought it would be fun to do a apple theme, and I ran with it.

In lieu of a typical floral centerpiece, I used this beverage tub and filled it with water and simply added apples. Kind of a fun spin off of "bobbing for apples"
I flanked it with these topiaries, which will also be great indoors around the holidays!

Each place setting has a silver charger and a grey melamine {outdoor and kid friendly!} plate.

To give it a more rustic feel I added brown burlap ribbon as a table runner and wood slices to each plate to hold caramel apples.

I used the same ribbon to wrap around the apple cider jug to cover the label.
This platter has a fall feel to it and will come in handy this season.

Can you feel the fall chill in the air?
I love, love, love it, my favorite time of the year!
I hope this gives you a little inspiration to think outside the box when setting your table, and using what you have, as well as adding in a few inexpensive items to spruce things up!

If you are ready to get even more inspired, click on the links below for more fall patios and porches galore.


Monday, September 25, 2017

~rules to remember FREE magnetic printable~

Is it just me, or is keeping up with fall kids' schedules very hectic?
If you have kids of any age, you know what I am talking about I am sure. 
There are sports schedules, curriculum nights, back to school events, picture days, etc. 
I have found it easiest to make notes week by week and post them on a magnetic board. You can also do this on your fridge if it's easier.

 I created this "rules to remember" magnet to hold the kids schedules and papers. My hopes is that it gives them a bit of encouragement when they go to look at their busy week schedules.

Here is how you can print this and make one for yourself.
Save the image below to your computer. Print it out to the size you like. Mine is a 5x7 for reference.
I also printed mine onto card stock, but it is not necessary.

The next step is to add your magnetic back. I bought these sheets at my local craft store, but you can find them here as well.
One side is sticky, so peel off the backing and adhere it to the back of your printed paper.
Then I just used my paper cutter to cut the entire piece, magnets and all.

Stick it to your magnetic board and add any notes, reminders, or schedules.

Remember to pin any images you'd like to save for future reference!

Friday, September 22, 2017

~Friday favorites~

Anthropologie has their popular capri blue candle available in Pumpkin this year and it has the scent of buttery pumpkin, with notes of orange zest in a warm brown sugar and vanilla. 
Yes please to that scent and this gorgeous jar!

I have found my favorite fall nail color, it is especially great on toes.

Is it too early to start hinting to my family for Christmas? I would like to add this to my list.

These would make a great inexpensive fall addition to your kitchen or dining room.

Now why didn't I think to DIY this when my kids were babies?!

This is a super inexpensive light that looks high end, love it for over a dining table!

I hope to see all you local friends at the Pinspiration Market tonight! 
Please come introduce yourself if you see me.
I will be teaching a class on a couple fun diy fall projects at 7, but will be shopping beforehand!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

~a neutral simple fall tablescape~

If you don't have much time to set up a fancy table, but want a seasonal fall look, here is a simple way to make that happen!

Start with a tablecloth. I am going for a neutral look with my table, so I chose off white. Mine is actually a cowhide, but linen would be lovely, grain sack, anything. 

Next find a large vessel for the center of your table. Again, keeping with neutrals, I chose this low basket in a off white color.
I placed a French cutting board in mine, but you don't have too.

Then I just started layering in Plush Pumpkins in a variety of sizes, starting with the largest in the center and working my way out.
I worked in a few Kevin O'Brien ones as well which add fun pattern.

You can also get a similar look using faux plastic pumpkins, or even real pumpkins, just layer them on in all shapes and sizes.

And lastly, I tucked in a few pieces of eucalyptus, and that's it!

On the other side of the room, I placed one single big velvet pumpkin on the sideboard to tie it all together.

And, there is even more fall tablescapes coming your way.
Click below to see them all~so much fun inspiration!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

~how I made our new coffee table~

When we put our new couch in, it was apparent that we were going to need a new coffee table. Something low, and something square.

After searching the web, I couldn't find just the right thing, so I decided to make my own.
I purchased these legs  from Ferrous Hardware, and combined the sleek look of them with some rustic scaffolding planks we had laying in the backyard covered in blackberry bushes.

Below was my inspiration picture, minus the legs:

 So I dug up the wood from the bushes, cut them to the length I needed and sanded them down.
Then I did a side by side to see if I was on the right track.

The next step was to stain the wood. I used a combination of stains to get a variety of colors.
I decided to seal the top with a satin varathane when I was done, to protect it from spills, etc.

Of course this is where I forgot to keep taking pictures, but I will try to explain it as best as I can.
To attach the top pieces together, I cut a piece of plywood 2" smaller the whole way around and screwed it to the back.

Then I ripped down more of the old wood on the table saw to 4" pieces, cut them on the chop saw on a 45 degree angle to make the box for the top to sit on. I didn't stain this, I left it raw with no varathane or anything. I liked the juxtaposition of the dark shiny wood top with the rough grey sides.

Finally, I screwed in the legs and put it in it's home!

I love the rustic wood, even with wording on the sides, combined with the sleek modern legs.

The legs also pick up the bit of chrome on the base of the sectional.

For a full source list, please see yesterdays post on our fall family room.


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