Friday, April 21, 2017

~mothers day gift ideas~

It's almost Mothers Day, and being a mom myself, I know how much this holiday touches hearts.
If you are looking for some gift ideas, I have compiled some of my favorites for you. 

1~ Minted is a great place to buy custom art. Whether it be having a piece of your childs artwork framed, a collage made, personalized photo gifts are a very reasonable gift idea starting at $24.00.
Looking for something a little different? Minted also has cocktail napkin sets

2~ I love anything personalized, and this etsy seller has some great items. I especially like these engraved coordinates necklaces.

3~ This recipe box is too cute, and Kate Spade under $30.00?! Crazy good!

4~ Serve up refreshing Moscow Mules or lemonade in these copper mugs. 

5~ This might seem weird, but I have had an air plant for a long time now and I want another one. They are so cool, and surprisingly easy to keep alive.

and finally, number 6~ 
I think this is the coolest way to keep a recipe alive! Turn your treasured recipe from Mom, Grandma, or anyone into a family keepsake into a kitchen towel.

What is on your wish list this year. Even better, what are you gifting?


Thursday, April 20, 2017

~One Room Challenge week 3~

Week 3 of the ORC!

Today is all about the new goodies that are going into the room.

I bought this chandelier but am still unsure if I will leave it as is, or paint it black, or maybe white, or maybe a darker wood tone.
Or, maybe it won't look good at all and I'll be scrambling at the last minute to find something else.
I got this photo enlarged in a huge size 55x39.
I had trouble finding a company that would print that big, but then I came across MegaPrint and all my dreams came true.  The price for this size was around $100, which I say is a steal for this big. I was even able to call the company and describe the look I was after and discuss different options for the material to use. It should arrive in about a week and then off to the framers where they will mount it to a backer board, and put it in my frame for me. That takes another week, so it will be cutting it close for sure!
I found a super inexpensive frame that I am hoping doesn't look super inexpensive when all is said and done. It's the Bjorksta, and yes, I bet you guessed it's from Ikea.

I should just call this my Ikea room, because the majority of it is from there.
The other part from All Modern, with bits and pieces of TJ Maxx and thrift
 shop thrown in.

I am working on putting in new baseboard trim right now. Would you believe that we've lived for 10 years with that room only having baseboard trim on half the room?

I am also working on sanding down some of the water stains on the cedar in the skylights.

Not much to show but lots to do! 
Week four promises to be a bit more exciting!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

~new decking and railing~

We have scheduled for July 5th the start of another big project. 
We are ripping out all our decking, the railing, and stairs and replacing with all new.
Currently we have a wood deck with wood railing and it is failing badly.
It might look ok in this picture, but looks can be deceiving!

We are going with a more modern look with concrete as the deck flooring& stairs and this railing all around.

I am so excited for this, not only for the sturdiness of it, but for the wearability and durability.
Hopefully it will last us for many many years!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

~our new outbuilding~

Our new outbuilding is coming along slowly but surely! 
If you are new to my blog, or have not heard about this building yet, here is the story.

This sits off the back of my studio in our backyard. 
It started out as being a place we can park extra cars.
It has turned into a little more than that now, and I am thinking it will end up being a great place to have parties, dinner parties, flea markets, and craft nights.

My dad drew up the plans for us and we got started on construction this past summer.
I have been put in charge of putting all the siding on, and I am halfway there :)

My husband and friends did all the construction, roofing, etc.
My husband built a big sliding barn door with vintage windows we found at Restore.

Then came the time for the "finish" work.
I say that in quotations because we are far from being done.
But we plan to hold our daughters grad party in there in June, so we need to finish soon.

On the inside we used what looks like old barnwood on the ceiling, but it's actually tongue and groove pre-finished wood from the hardware store.

We painted the walls Graphite by Benjamin Moore, the same as our bedroom.
I really wanted to paint it white but my husband insisted on black, and now that it's painted I am so glad we went that route.

The last thing we finished up was wrapping the beams in cedar to mimic the look of "real" beams.

Here are some progress shots, very messy still, but there's always a mess during construction.

This first set of pictures shows the beams before they were wrapped.

I am in love with the greyed ceilings.

Before the window and baseboard trim as well.

The huge sliding barn door was made with a custom metal frame, wood, and windows.
We still need to stain the inside of it to match the ceiling.

 A couple bad pictures of the walls and ceilings. These are all i phone pictures.
I will do a final nicer photo shoot when it's done.

We did 2 sets of lights.
"Can" or "pot" lights line either side.
Then hanging lights down the center.
They are both on different switches so we can have them all on, or one or the other.

 I will get better pictures of the outside soon.
We are still searching for the perfect vintage light to go over the door.

The shingles will get stained to match our house as well.

And here we are wrapping the beams in cedar. At first we thought we were going to stain them to match the ceiling, but after finishing we decided to leave them natural.

 It was really hard to match up all the seams, etc. 
I think my husband did a really good job.

That's it for now!
I will update as soon as we have made more progress.

Friday, April 14, 2017

~Easter inspiration~

Happy almost Easter!
Here are a few things I have done in the past for Easter and thought I'd give you a little roundup.

Create an adult Easter basket here.

In this table scape I mixed real and faux flowers for a really full look.

This table setting has always been one of my favorites.

Five years ago I created this fun table setting. The menu cards were a huge hit!

This super neutral table setting was one of my favorites.

For over 100 more Easter ideas, visit my Pinterest board here!

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