Wednesday, March 1, 2017

~how to add texture to your home~

Texture is key in neutral home. Even in home with color, texture plays a big part.
But today I want to show you how you can add texture to your space, and some of my own personal favorite items.

Probably the number one item I think of when it comes to texture, is a jute rug. I have them in several rooms in our home. I like to layer them with cowhides and kilim rugs.

These vintage demijohns are also another great way to add texture to a tabletop, or even a floor like I have here.

I also like to add vintage breadboards to bring in texture. I have them on top of my dining room hutch behind the white pieces above.

The wood chairs around my dining table were a great find at my local antique store.
Search craigslist or offer up for similar ones.

The picture below of our living room is an old one, but it shows texture well in a neutral setting.
The chippy wood trunk coffee table is a good example.
Of course the walls and ceilings scream texture.
Try ship lap for this look.

Back to the dining room.
Try a rustic table and zebra hide {even faux}

Baskets add a ton of texture and storage at the same time, a win win. I love baskets with a grey wash on them.

Fabrics like linen, leather, and grain sacks add a lot of dimension as well.
Also the old books in this wire basket.
Add a chunky knit throw and you have texture galore.
It keeps this neutral corner from looking too cold or sparse.

Do you notice what each picture has in common?
In every room, I like to add a touch of black to ground the space. It keeps things from looking to feminine and stark.
From a little bit of black in photos and picture frames, to black furniture, to bits of black in a rug.

I hope this inspires you to add a bit of texture to your home, I really think it cozies up a space!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

~wood blinds~

I love the look of wood blinds.
I used to have really cheap ones in our home, and over the last few years have upgraded to better ones that are still very affordable.
These are my favorite ones.
I first saw them in a friends home and was shocked to find out how cheap they were and the source for them. I thought for sure they would have been very expensive.
This is a horrible i phone photo, but you can see them in the kitchen in the background.

Here they are in our master bedroom:

My friend Holly uses wood blinds a lot in her designs:

Holly likes to use Select Blinds.

And if you read Cote De Texas, you will see a lot of them:

I just love the look they create, especially when paired with drapes.
You can buy them from Amazon and even Overstock.
But don't forget to check out your local hardware stores, like I said, ours our from Home Depot and I love them!


Monday, February 27, 2017

~our basement nook~{get the look}

This is one of the coziest spots in our home. A fun place to go read a book or just take a minute to relax.

I thought I'd show you how you can recreate this look in your own home.
I used reclaimed wood on this back wall.
But if you don't have access to that, here are some other options:

This wallpaper
This cool peel and stick product
You can find the artwork here
Similar lights can be found here
The fox pillow can be found here in this cute shop
The black and white pillow is fro Ikea.
The kilim pillow can be found here.
The blanket is a vintage woolrich one.
The cushion cover was made by Tonic Living using old Ikea fabric which is no longer available. 

I made the bench using these crates which I painted white.
In this look I used a combination of different pillows and changed out the sign.
 The pillow in the front was made using a old carpet.
The two matching stripe ones on either end are old from Ikea.
The lumbar pillow is made with vintage French ticking material and the other one is a grain sack pillow. Similar ones here and here, and here. 
The little black stool is vintage, but here is a similar one.
I bought the rug in this photo from this great etsy seller.

I hope you are having a great day!

Friday, February 24, 2017

~my favorite gallery wall art~

Neutrals // Black & White



Aren't they great? 
Makes me want to create another gallery wall!
Don't forget, you can get personal art styling through Minted right here.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

~nursery decor~{& gear}

Nope, I am not shopping for nursery decor myself.  Don't be jumping to any conclusions!
I have one starting college in the fall and one starting high school.
It is hardly the time for a baby.
BUT, some of you are in that stage in your life! Those were some of the best years of mine.
I remember decorating their nurseries and buying them cute little outfits.
Taking way to many pictures of them, and spoiling them rotten.

Baby gear and decor has come along way since my kids were little.
I was just introduced to Baby Cubby a shop that has drive up ordering like Starbucks, has price matching {even to Amazon!
and free massages with purchases! 
Where was this place 18 years ago!
They carry the softest blanket that I own too, the Saranoni.
Seriously you guys, I am not even kidding when I say this blanket is the best most coziest thing in the world! They come in sizes for us moms too.

Here is some other fun items for the nursery for a girl:

For a boy:

And how about for the essentials?

So many cute things!
Anyone out there in need of fun baby stuff?
Enjoy 15% off from the 24-26th with coupon code:


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