Wednesday, March 29, 2017

~how to organize a tiny laundry room~

We have a very small laundry room off of our kitchen.
It's about 5' x 5'
We used to have a stackable washer and dryer in it, and I didn't care for it at all.
It was time for a new washer/dryer anyway, so we opted this time for a side by side, which I love so much better.

To see what the room looked like before, please visit this post.

I decided to ship lap the room using simple pieces of 1x 6 pine.
I painted it Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

I left the floors but added shelving to the walls using wood brackets from Home Depot and more pine wood painted out in Alabaster.

I found a wood peg rack at a thrift store and gave it the Alabaster treatment as well.
I hung it over the washer and dryer. 
The FEED bag holds lost socks, and the towels are there for spills, {and to hide some plumbing} and the breadboards are there because I had nowhere else for them.

The baskets from Ikea hold all the clutter.
There is one for specifically for chargers, which are all labeled and zip tied up.
There is one for painting supplies.
Another for Swiffer sweeper pads, another for laundry soaps, trash bags, and finally one for random tools.

The rack on the inside of the door we have had forever and it is a life saver in a small space.
You can find it here.
I have it filled with my Mrs. Meyers obsession and paints that I use regularly.

The hamper is narrow and hides the computer router in the corner.

Since the laundry room is basically in the kitchen, I have added these kitchen fire extinguishers and a handy battery rack.

One of the fun quirky things in the laundry room is a 
huge commercial first aid kit.
I painted over the front with white spray paint and added the words 
to the front.

I think I have squeezed every square inch out of the space I can.

Once the door is shut, there is a chalkboard where you can make your shopping list.

I hope this helps you squeeze in some extra space if you share a tiny laundry room like us!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

~my stylish French box~{ + giveaway }

My first subscription of My Stylish French Box arrived!
If you are new here, my daughter and I are touring Europe this summer for her graduation trip.
I had heard about this subscription here and jumped on board, excited to see what they had to offer.
Besides that, it is always fun to get pretty things in the mail instead of bills, am I right?

First of all, the box it came in was gorgeous:

And inside, goodies shipped straight from France.
Everything inside smelled amazing.
That candle on the bottom left is what I dream of Paris smelling like.

Next in the box was a  limited edition print of a watercolor by Jeanne MacKay Hartmann.  Jeanne has produced a small series of watercolours for the box, so if you buy the first four boxes, you will have a lovely set of prints to frame at the end of the year.   Annual subscribers also receive a small set of notecards with Jeanne’s watercolor.

This handmade coffee cup with a gold leaf detail by the French ceramist Justine Lacoste is so delicate. It now sits in my new coffee bar.

2 little notebooks with pencils, and written in gold they say, “prendre le temps” (taking your time)

The candle I was talking about is by Cire Trudon.

Three antique liqueur glasses which are perfect for displaying single blooms.

This is getting me so excited for our trip!
Remember, if you'd like to sign up to receive you Stylish French Box, go here!
You can choose 1 quarter or 4 quarters!
All photos from this blog by Sharon Santoni.

Enter below to win May's Stylish French Box, compliments of Sharon Santoni.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, March 27, 2017

~a new rug for our living room~

I have always admired Moroccan rugs and wanted to try one out.
At first I looked online at new ones, but my heart really desired a old one. One with history and one that was unique and not seen in every picture on Pinterest.

Through Instagram I found Ace Vintage Rugs.
They have a wide selection {like thousands} of rugs.
After staring at the different styles for hours, I narrowed it down to these 4:

 I ended up going with the last one in the grid. I liked the design, and I thought it was different enough than most I've seen out there.
The second one would have been "safe." The third one was a bit too brown. It was a toss up in the end between the first one and the last one.
I am really happy with the one I chose. It's old and vintage, but in great shape and very clean.

When I opened the package I thought it was better than it looked online, which is always a nice surprise.

I am trying it out here in the living room, but I think just for fun I will try it in our bedroom and even in Cody's room. It's fun to move things around and try things different places huh?
Don't forget to follow Ace Vintage Rugs on Instagram to see all their fun rugs!


Friday, March 24, 2017

~a soothing neutral home tour~

This home via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles has me speechless.
It's so beautiful inside and out.
I hope you love it as much as I do!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

~graduation party planning~{part 1}

We have a senior in the house!
This has been such a stressful year to say the least. 
Looking at and touring colleges, applications, testing, traveling, etc.
I had no idea how much work it is!
Not only is it work for us, but it's even more work for our daughter Savannah.

We are so proud of her.
She has been accepted to the 5 colleges she applied too.
She still has not decided which one, but the deadlines are approaching.

To keep things from getting to serious, we have been planning her graduation party and having so much fun doing so.

I have to say, Savannah and I are pretty much best friends, and this party planning with her has been so much fun!

We decided to host the party at our house, in our yard. It will be in June so I am hoping for sun.
If not, we will have to bring in tents.

The first thing up was to create her announcements.
We knew I wanted Minted to create them, they truly are the best in my opinion.
The quality is great, there are a ton of options to choose from, the shipping is fast, and the service is impeccable. I also have to say the fact that they print the address' on for you had me sold. 

Savannah chose these gorgeous ones by Lauren Chism, and these stamps.

I am in love!

The backside has another photo and a personal message from her.

We also ordered save the date cards through Minted.
These are the ones we chose, by Sara Hicks Malone.

And onto the invitations to the party, we ordered these 
by hooray creative,
with sparkly gold liners!
{Savannah loves sparkles!}

We did custom stamps on those too with the word Grad on them.

They were just all shipped out and I feel so relieved, one thing off the checklist!
The party is is June and I promise to update more of the planning and progress, as well as some DIY ideas as we go along.

Until next time.....


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