Friday, February 5, 2016

~the Seattle showhouse~{&giveaway}

I recently had the pleasure of touring the Seattle Showhouse presented by ATG Stores.

This home was 100% virtually designed by 8 designers using over 350 products from ATG Stores.

If you would like to see more photos and details, including bits about each designer and links to products, go here.

Let's get this tour started with the foyer designed by LindHesse Design.
I love all the bold geometric design choices.
That wallpaper is stunning!

Moving on to my favorite room in the house which was a combo kitchen/dining/sitting area, designed by Ashley Redmond who I had the pleasure of meeting when I was there. 
I didn't get good overall photos of this space, so definitely go here to see more!

Onto the living room designed by Seattle designer Brian Paquette.
This room was equally one of my favorites. I love the vintage rug he brought in to compliment the ATG Store products, and the view over the Seattle skyline was amazing!

A glimpse of Brian being interviewed. 

Off of the living room was this sweet unexpected room of pink and white, the family room.
This room was designed by Massucco Warner Miller.

Heading upstairs to the office in the landing designed by Pulp Design Studios.

The master bedroom was fantastic, and the designer Alexa Hampton was so funny!

Remember to see the rest of the rooms and additional photos, go here!

Now, how would you like the chance to win $100 to spend online at ATG Stores? 
Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite room featured and why, and I will pick a winner to be announced a week from today back here on the blog.
Be sure to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win! 


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

~get the look of Magnolia Homes Fixer Upper with Etsy~

Do you love Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines? I thought it would be fun to search Etsy for you and show you how you can create their look!

Did you know that all their hand painted signs come from my friend Tara at Between You And Me Signs?

You can find their shop here, and this sign here.

How about a magnolia wreath?
Or the window frame it sits on.

How about these pillows?

How about their Christmas tree sign?

This supermarket sign:

Remember this windmill as wall art?

How about an arched window pane?

And some of those seltzer bottles.

How about this for holding kids craft supplies?

These cotton stems.


this bottle rack.

So many options on Etsy.
Happy shopping!


Monday, February 1, 2016

~a great solution for disguising a tv~

How many of you are faced with this dilemma?

A gigantic big screen television over your fireplace.
It's practical if you like watching football games and having movie nights etc.
But it is such an eyesore the rest of the time!
I thought long and hard about how to resolve this issue.
There is tutorials on how to make screens with shutters and such all over the web.
But I wanted a simpler solution and something that wasn't quite so permanent. 
I thought about it long and hard and decided a picture would be nice over the top because it wouldn't have to be attached to the rock, it would just "slip over."

So I took my measurements and went scouring thrift stores for a frame large enough to cover it up.
That was when I discovered that a frame that large is very very heavy and would be next to impossible to take on and off, not to mention, it might damage the television.

So, onto plan B.
That was when I thought of Canvas Pop.
I had these canvas' made a while ago and you can customize the size and everything.
They are lightweight, so no problem with lifting it up and down, and with the idea that I could print a low res photo onto a size that big, I was excited!

I gathered the families opinion on whether it should be a family photo or something else.
We all agreed a family photo that size might look a little like "look at me!" so I dug through my old photos from our neighborhood. 

We finally all agreed and settled on this map of our neighborhood, Crystal Lake.
The colors are muted so it would blend in well and we thought it would add a bit of architectural interest.

I literally used my cell phone to snap a picture of it and sent it over to Canvas Pop with my desired dimensions.
I opted for the 2 1/2" sides so it would completely cover the sides of the television.
I also had the sides done in black to create a visual frame.

After you send the picture off, the team gets to work on getting you a proof.

The top image below is the proof I received back after selecting the black and white option.
It was pretty, but too dark for my liking so I had them lighten it up until I was happy with the color.

Once that was finished I waited a week or so and got it delivered to my door!

In order to slip it over the top of my television I did have to remove some of the wood back supports.
It was really easy to do with a hammer and pry bar.
If you are hanging yours on the wall you wouldn't need to do this.
{and I bet you could ask them to not even put them on for this purpose}

Are you curious to see what it looks like hanging over the television?

So much better!
Now I don't have to stare at a big black box when the television isn't on.
I'm really kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner.

The color is perfect.
They were able to lighten up the background enough for me without losing the detail of the map.

And now we have even more Crystal Lake history in our home!
I just love personalized art that means something, and in this case, does double duty.
Just for reference it is approx. 39" x 54"

I hope this is of help to you if you are in the same situation I was.
If you decide to do one for your own home, I'd love to see it shared on Instagram, so Tag me at my sweetsavannah and canvas pop. 


Canvas Pop is offering My Sweet Savannah readers 35% off site wide!
Just offer coupon code
at checkout through March 31st.


Friday, January 29, 2016

~crate storage for your pantry~{and a winner}

This is a super easy project for organizing your pantry, or any space really.
Start out with any size unfinished wooden crate, I used this one.

Paint it your color of choice, and if you wish, add a label.
I found these brass label holders on etsy and then added my own wording.

Then I lined them with dollar store placemats I covered in leftover wallpaper.
You can see the tutorial here if you are interested.

Then just add all your baking supplies or whatever you are organizing and you are good to go!
I really like having them lined as it makes for easy cleanup if something gets spilled.

If you are interested in this wallpaper, there is some for sale here.
I also found some similar brass name plates here.
For a variety of crates visit Crate Outlet here.

And, the winner of the ShopJoyworks giveaway for the fringe shawl is……

Megan Whalen! Congrats! Be looking for an email in your inbox.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

~pumpkin bread~

Before baking I added a mixture of turnbinado sugar {trader joe's} and cinnamon and swirled it on the top.
Serve with pumpkin butter and enjoy!
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