Friday, October 21, 2016

~galley walls made easy~

Gallery walls can be tricky, for anyone.
Do you use all black and white photos, all colored, or mix the two together?
What about frames?
All the same color?
And how far apart do you space everything.
Is everything to scale with the size of your wall?

There are so many factors when creating the perfect gallery wall.
So, where am I going with this?
Well, our daughter Savannah has a big blank wall in her room which has never had anything on it.
It's so big, the task of hanging anything on it has always been daunting to me.
Above the chair rail the wall alone is 11' by 14'.

So after years of not knowing what to do, 
I turned to Minted and their new Art Styling service.
I have a ton of Minted art in my home and have always been happy with their service and products.

If you aren't familiar with Minted, it is a design marketplace featuring fresh, curated art from our community of independent artists around the world. Minted offers 17 exclusively designed frames, from simple profiles made in Italy to reclaimed barn wood, vintage inspired carved, and metal. Art sizes range from 5x7 to 44x60. Choose flat mounted or matted options to take your art to the next level. Minted uses only museum quality, cotton rag archival paper. Prints are sold in limited edition runs of 350 and are available with authorized artist signatures. 
Minted's new art styling service, MintedGallery, connects consumers with stylists to help them choose art that's perfect for their space. The program consists of a team of stylists with backgrounds in furniture styling, design, photography, graphic design and illustration. Using their knowledge in composition, color theory and design stylists identify patterns i design elements to pair artworks and style to a space. The end result is a cohesive art collection hand-picked for the customer.

To start off I send the Minted team a photo of the wall in her room.
Then I took a "style quiz"

Savannah picked out her favorites from the recommendations, which I got back within a few days.
A few revisions were made because she already had one piece of art she wanted incorporated.

Once everything was finalized I got a 25% off promo code for choosing the art styling.
Everything was placed in my cart for me, all I had to do was check out!

I just placed my order, so I don't have the finished wall to show you just yet, but I do have some fun photos of the process!

Here is the art that we all agreed on!
Savannah actually made #3 in the collage below using OneHundredForty.
That was the piece she wanted incorporated into the Minted gallery wall.
I have to say that I am so happy they will work with anything you have, not limited all to Minted art!

They sent me this mock up on her wall. For the record, if you aren't happy with their mock up, you can get 2 free revisions. We did a couple.
They photo shopped her 4 poster bed out of the picture to get a clearer visual of the wall.

{bedspread from here, because I know inquiring minds will want to know!}

And then it got better. They sent me this below.
How easy will it be to hang this?! 
A no brainer right?

Here are links to the art she picked.
I can't wait to show you the finished product.
Maybe I'll even do a little video of the hanging process.

Linger by Sarah McInroe.

Saint Mary's Lake by Lorent and Leif.

Big Sky Country {my personal favorite} by Vicki Rawlins.

Undertow by Julia Contacessi.

Let's Get Lost by Sam Dubeau.

And finally, On My Way by Cass Loh.

If it were me, I would have picked out all black frames. So excited to see how the combination of the different frames will look once they arrive!
Stay tuned for the final photos.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

~a dining room centerpiece in under 2 minutes~

This time of year can be crazy, am I right?
So many holidays, school functions, party planning, etc.

So what do I like?
A quick and easy centerpiece. 
You can pick up these items at discount stores, and if you don't have a plethora of wine corks, I see them all the time at thrift stores.

I picked up this large oblong irregular wood bowl at HomeGoods.
The candle came from TJ Maxx. Any seasonal scent would be great, but I happen to find this Kind Wine one~perfect.

Fill the bowl with wine corks and nestle the candle down in the center.

I've got it on our kitchen counter and literally have it burning whenever I am home.
But, I think it would be a cute centerpiece on a dining table or bar as well!

Here is some links to similar products for you if you wish to recreate this look.

This bowl would work.
As would this one.
Would be great too in a dough bowl like this!

I actually tracked down this same candle.
You can find it here.

And I found cheap wine corks here!

I think also this would make a great gift. You could use the bowl as your "box" and put wine corks a big clear bag tied with fun twine or ribbon. Do the same with the candles, or candles, and deliver with a bottle of wine!
Anyone need my address?



Tuesday, October 18, 2016

~fall home~ {the exterior}

I love this time of year when the leaves fall and blanket the driveway.

This truly is my favorite season.
What is yours?


~my favorite instagram accounts~

I love that you can pop on Instagram and see tons of inspiration within seconds.

Some days I am scrolling through my account like it's Pinterest, and other days I am not even on my phone or looking at it.
But I have found it a great place to follow my favorites along the way, and so I thought I'd share a few with you.

This one is actually fairly new to me but I love the look of it so far!

An all time favorite.
Good people, good photos, and plain old good style.

This gals following shows how popular her feed is.
Every single picture is insanely gorgeous.

This next one is a real life friend of mine who's style inspires me daily.

This account is like a breath of fresh air with every photo.

These are some seriously talented people.

So many good accounts, I am sure I have missed a few......
If you are into interior design or decorating 
{which I am assuming you are because you read my blog}
and aren't following any of them, be sure to check them out. And of course, follow me as well :)


Friday, October 14, 2016

~double chocolate zucchini bread~{with Graze Superfoods}

I love baking and when I was sent these Graze Cacao Nibs and Graze Cacao to bake with, I couldn't have been happier.
I decided on a zucchini bread because zucchinis are abundant this time of year, and my kids will eat vegetables if they are hidden inside chocolate bread.....

This bread turned out so good, we gobbled it down in no time.

Gather all your ingredients and you can whip this bread up in no time.
Not only is it delicious, but your house will smell amazing while it is baking.

I also sprinkled on some cacao nibs to the top before baking. 

This is a sponsored post by Graze, all opinions are my own.

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