Saturday, October 18, 2008

How ceiling

I have had a lot of questions on how I did my lettering on the kitchen ceiling. These are not the rub off letters, they are hand painted. You could certainly achieve this look with rub off letters, but for me, I wanted to save the money and time it would take to get them all custom made!

I first printed out the words I liked in the font I liked.

I then enlarged them at Kinko's to my desired size.

Next was the hard part. I taped them to the wall (with graphite paper underneath) making sure they were all straight. I used a level for this and a tape measure. This is the part that took the longest.

Next, I traced over the lettering with a ballpoint pen.

After the words were transferred onto the wall, I filled them in with black craft paint. The circles in between are actually the bottom of my craft paint jar!

When I was all finished, and after it dried, I took a magic eraser and removed any pencil marks and scuffs on the wall.

The whole project cost under $5.00!

If you have any further questions, pls. feel free to contact me!


Angela said...

All i have to say is WOW!!! you should be commended for your patience, perseverance, craftiness, and so much more. i love it, but just looking at it and imagining the unnerving task of getting it all straight and nice--aahhh!--scary!

Way to go on a job well done!!

NWlambear said...

Hi..I'm new to www.blogger and have really enjoyed browing your website!! Absolutely love your decor and am in awe of your talent. Wish I had the energy to do all those things 65...the body just doesn't hold up as well as it use too(grin). I just came across how you did the lettering in your kitchen. Was just about to order the printed kind, but I just might give this a try. You have a lovely home! p.s. Do you know anyone in the Bellingham or Ferndale area who does slipcovers? We also go to Everett 1x month to the base/commissary.

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