Monday, November 17, 2008

100 things about me!

100 things about me
1. I was born in 1974
2. I have green eyes
3. My favorite color is pink
4. I would like to run a marathon
5. I eat too much
6. I like classical music when I am home alone
7. I have had 3 speeding tickets in my life
8. 2 with my kids in the car
9. I swear
10. Christmas is my favorite holiday
11. I love snow
12. I love to bake
13. I love to eat what I bake
14. I love my home
15. I wish I had been nicer in high school
16. My middle name is Kathleen
17. I have 1 best friend
18. It's my sister
19. I love the fall
20. I love photography
21. I wish I had a good camera
22. and could take amazing photos in my spare time
23. My alarm goes off to a really loud anoying BEAP, BEAP, BEAP, ok, I'm up!
24. I need to lose 10 pounds
25. I am procrastinating about losing the 10 pounds
26. I don't like to swim, I really don't like to be in the water, which is funny since I live on a lake
27. My kids crack me up
28. My daughter is just like me
29. This scares me
30. I love my mom
31. I get along great with my mother in law
32. My favorite alcoholic beverage is Bud Light
33. I was born in my next door neighbors car in the hospital parking lot
34. I love California Pizza kitchens cheese & tomato pizza
35. I voted for Barak Obama
36. Sarah Palin bugs me
37. I am a soccer mom
38. I am too sarcastic
39. I play soccer sometimes 3 days a week
40. I embarass my daughter
41. I have an obsession with decorating
42. I ride quads (atv's)
43. I like to hear dirty jokes
44. I speak before I think
45. I want to go sky diving
46. I get migraines
47. I take medice for it that costs $8.00 a pill, it usually takes 2 to get rid of it
48. I have a horrible memory
49. I love to laugh
50. I shop too much
51. I love to wear cowboy boots
52. I love a bargain
53. It creeps me out what might be under my bed
54. My husband is a good man
55. I have seen a ghost
56. I am ok with this
57. I would love to learn to sew
58. My mom is a expert seamstress
59. I hate mountain dew & dr. pepper
60. I hate bad breath
61. I love sweets
62. Stuck up people bother me
63. I think my husband is hot
64. People that stand in the middle of aisle ways in stores bug me
65. I want to know the sex of my sister's baby, arriving in May
66. I drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday
67. Holding hands bugs me
68. I hate the smell of the meat dept. at the grocery store
69. I go to bed early
70. I love to sleep
71. I have had plastic surgery
72. I have freckles
73. I wish I would get a business started and stop procrastinating
74. I don't mind getting my hands dirty
75. soccer is my favorite sport
76. I can get along with almost any personality
77. To their face
78. I only watch channel 5 news- at 10
79. I like Martha Stewart, and I like her daughter even more
80. I have 1 dog
81. I hate cats
82. I have had rabbits, cats, gerbils, & fish as pets in the past
83. This didn’t work
84. I like to jog
85. In Jr. High I was into heavy metal and liked Metallica and guys with long hair
86. This has changed
87. I love mexican food
88. I like clothes, a lot
89. I am obsessed with mowing the lawn
90. Underwear is over-rated
91. I don't want another baby
92. I think
93. I live in a great neighborhood
94. My daughter has a king size bed
95. I can side a house
96. High heels make my feet hurt
97. I can tile a room
98. I can do almost any handyman job I set my mind to
99. I love my family
100. I am done - PHEW!


paperjunk-lc said...

I'm impressed with your list. You sound like my kind a gal. I must confess I stalk your RMS page. That kitchen of yours rocks!

hockeymom04 said...

I love this list, too funny! I had to laugh because I stalk your rooms on RMS, I LOVE your stye. Your rooms have motivated me to start getting my house in shape, thank you for that! Your list is awesome, I found that about 75% of your list is exactly like me! I, too have seen a ghost, it was AWESOME and I hope it happens again. I DESPISE bad breath, I mean DESPISE! Sarah Palin really, really bugs me! My daughter is just like me, scary! I can tackle almost any home fix up project, and have it turn out. Friday I removed the ugly soffit above our kitchen cabinets, by myself! Fixed it all up like new (almost) before the hubby got home! I was motivated after looking at your lovely kitchen. So, thanks for the inspiration, you are wonderful to share your decorating and advice!

Jessica said...

Great list! I did a list a while back about things I love. These lists tell alot about a person. You seem aliright. ; )

Alice said...

I love your list, and your blog.
Just one question, "How do you find time to do all that you do?" I have 4 kids (25,22,19,18) and a lot to pick up after them, also a wonderful hubby and 2 dogs. I love Home Goods, but I cant go for less than 3 hours.

Lori said...

I knew I liked you for a reason-it's amazing how many things above could go on my list. I have been a faithful RMSer for a while now and just love your house with all it's special touches! I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed it. Keep posting and inspiring us all!

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