Saturday, November 29, 2008

Faux Snowballs~how to

Snowball WindowBoxes
Make these glowing melt-proof window box decorations with just a few simple supplies.
By Kate Karam
photography: Roger Foley
What You'll NeedCardboard boxFaux snowflakes, available from most craft stores (about one bag for 3 snowballs)Foam balls (we used three sizes)Spray adhesive for StyrofoamBattery-operated white light strings (2 per box)
photography: Roger Foley1. Pour faux snowflakes into an empty cardboard box. This project is fun and easy but messy, so keep the spray inside the box. Spray foam balls liberally with adhesive to coat all sides.
photography: Roger Foley2. Immediately drop sprayed ball into the flakes, rolling to cover completely, then shake off any excess. Let them dry before taking the snow-covered balls outside.
3. Layer balls into the window box and if necessary use additional spray adhesive to keep them arranged and hold them in place. We used 3 different sizes of foam balls and arranged them right on top of the soil in the window box.
Done!Add the string of lights for a subtle glow. We created a wreath for the door with leftover snowballs and lights. The balls are threaded on a coat hanger formed into a circle. Both displays can stay up all winter and can even be reused for years to come if you pack them carefully.
photography: Roger Foley
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