Thursday, November 27, 2008

San Juan Islands 2008

This past summer we took our annual trip to the San Juan Islands on our boat. My parents starting doing this trip every summer and we joined in on the fun a couple years ago! This year another family that we are friends with took their boat also. We all dock together and have a great time exploring, shrimping, shopping, eating, and hiking. This is a wonderful tradition for our kids. They just love it. We even got to feed the very friendly "Popeye" the one eyed seal that comes when you call his name! All we had for him was canned peaches, but he happily ate them out of my hand! Today I finally got a hold of some pictures my Dad took while we were there. So, a little late, but here they are! He is an awesome photographer, especially since taking pictures is just a hobby of his!


lvroftiques said...

Hi Melanie! You were in my backyard! Your pix are all wonderful! But aren't the San Juans gorgeous? Do you live near by? Just wondering if you're one of my neighbors? I'm right ouside of Seattle. We have a sailboat also, that we moor at Shileshole marina. Vanna

Royaltouch said...

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful playground we have right here in the Northwest! Thanks for sharing!
Hubby and I took our 14th wedding anniversary trip to (Sept.2007) to Roche Harbor and San Juan Island and just loved it!

Michele said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful vacation!!

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