Saturday, December 20, 2008

custom work

I recently made a family sign, available here, for a very lovely family, the Todds. She sent me this nice email this morning along with pictures of the sign in her house. She has a beautiful home, I think you will agree!

Here is the email she sent me:

I received my sign and love it! Thank you so much! It fits so well in our office. I must say that you have really inspired me. I love to decorate and often check RMS. That is where I found your master bedroom. We had recently moved into a new home, and I knew at once that I wanted my room to look like yours! I usually decorate with reds, but I loved the neutrals in your room, and so I went for it. I removed the red, and really l
ike the look I achieved, thanks again to your inspiration.

In addition, I really admire your use of family photos and lettering. Your pictures nudged me to put up more photos of my beautiful girls and husband, and it already feels much more homey. Thanks for sharing your ideas! You truly convey a love for your home and family.

I've added some photos of my bedroom and my office to share with you!

Thanks again

1 comment:

Rachel H. said...

Cute! When I get my sign hung up, I'll send you a picture, as well.

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