Tuesday, December 16, 2008

wall words

I just got an email from a very nice lady that said I inspired her to do wording in her kitchen! I love it! Some are hand painted and some are the vinyl wall lettering, but I think it looks amazing and had to share with you all that it can be done!

Here is the copy of her email:

Hi,I am sending along some pics of my kitchen. I was truly inspired by your kitchen on rate my space so I borrowed some of your ideas for my space. I needed more words than you had on your skylight walls so I scoured the internet and found some. I have also ordered some things from your etsy sight, some dishtowels a sign and a pillow (pillow not for the kitchen...haha) and anxiously await their arrival. Thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration. Please let me know what you think of the pics and any suggestions you have would be very welcome. Barb


hopeful #1 said...

I love the wall that's covered with words from the ceiling to the floor! That's such a great idea! I might steal that for our house! How fun would that be... so unique too!

Those are probably hand painted, right?

Ki said...

I love wall words. What fun it would be to have your kids write something and have that enlarged and made into vinyl letters by a sign shop. Maybe their favorite words, song, poem. My kids are grown, will have to wait for grandkids, I guess.
Have a wonderful Holiday!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

is this kitchen yours? How pretty!!! I love your cabinets - are they maple?
Wall Words are wonderful. I have some that I'm going to do in my house; hopefully soon.

Royaltouch said...

I am wanting some wall words somewhere sometime someplace , thanks to you Melaine! Fun to see someone elses and nice that you inspired her as you do many.
Fun to see her photos!

Momovthree said...

Hi there! Her wall words look wonderful. Come over to my blog for a visit if you can. I used your inspiration for a project of my own and the results were great. Just wanted to say thank you for the idea! :)

barbj said...

I am so excited to have pics of my kitchen on your blog. i am a huge fan. i posted on rms and it is going ok. also, wanted to let you know i received one of my orders today from your etsy page. i got the reserved pillow and two of the dishtowels. LOVE THEM! have a great day.

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