Saturday, January 17, 2009


Pardon me while I have a proud parent moment. My sweet Savannah has become quite the soccer star! Soccer is a very special sport for me. I started in first grade and still play to this day twice a week. I love it. It is great exercise, it is fun, and it is challenging. I have played both outdoor and indoor, co-ed and all womans. During the months she is not playing outdoors, Savannah has taken up indoor, the same place I play. It is sooo much fun for me to watch her play, her skills get better each game. She's a forward and you can tell soccer is in her blood!

Today she played 2 games back to back. The first game she scored 4 goals and the score was 11 to 1, our win!

The second game came another 4 goals, winning 25 to 0! wow!

Thanks for letting me boast, I am so proud of my little soccer star!
Go Dolphins!!!

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