Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthay Ticket Invites

I have had some questions on how to make the ticket invitations like I did for my son's birthday. I just created mine in a word document, but after the fact, I found these cute free printable ones online! I think they are adorable and you could put any color cardstock (make sure you use thicker paper than the norm printer paper) in your printer! So cute! Let me know if any of you use them! I want to see!


Charity Donovan said...

I just loved this theme...I think I will have to party-lift your ideas for my quads 2nd birthday!!! It's hard to come up with themes for both girls & boys...this is PERFECT! You are too creative girlfriend!!! =)

Amy said...

that is great you can make them yourself or print them out for free! i had found these cute ones can get a bunch of different colors and even get lanyards for them...but not free like yours! great job!

Anonymous said...

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