Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I HEART Zebra Rugs

I am thinking of switching out my cowhide for a zebra hide under my dining room table. What do you all think? I just love the look of them in all these rooms! (My dining room is the top pic.)


Betsy said...

What does your cowhide look like? I have been wanting one.

Anonymous said...

The zebra rugs are lovely. Very elegant. But, I have really admired your cowhide (more my style) and would love one like it. My dairy-farmer wanna-be son would be thrilled.

Kathysue said...

I like the zebra rugs but they have been a trend for long enough that I would worry about you tiring of it.You seem more original in your thinking with the cow hide.The zebra use to be so unique but now they are everywhere.Your home is so original I would rather see something totally different.It will obviously look wonderful as everything you do looks wonderful as far as I am concerned.I am really liking the ceiling ideas and you have some great examples.I really like the one with the silver sage colored walls,they did a wonderful job mixing the mouldings.have fun,can't wait to see what you do.Oh by the way.I have been gathering glass containers for my pantry makeover inspired by YOU!! Kathysue

marty39 said...

My thought is if you want zebra then go for it. You can still keep the cowhide and switch out. I LOVE your cowhide. I do agree that it's more original, however I do like a change, so give it a try. Hugs, Marty

Katie said...

I am loving your dining room table!! =)

Mamaoftwins said...

Well Im alittle bias about it because my whole house is in African theme so personally I think its a great idea. I think you should go for it. LOL You'll have the cow to switch back when you decide you need a change again.

iconrugs said...

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