Sunday, January 25, 2009

L-shaped kitchen

Sarah, the simple country girl, inquired about any ideas I may have for a small L-shaped kitchen.

Well, here you go Sarah, eat your heart out!
Here are a few pointers I have for you.

The L-shaped kitchen will give a lot of workspace and storage space below the worktop will not be a problem. Also the walking distance between the main zones in your kitchen will be minimized. Another big advantage of the L-shaped kitchen is that one of the corners of your kitchen will be free to use as a dining area. The problem area in an L-shaped kitchen is often the space under the worktop in the corner.

Kitchen islands can provide additional counter space and make the kitchen seem more compact and cohesive. For your own L-shaped kitchen remodel, use ceiling-height kitchen cabinets as a good solution for storing seldom-used or seasonal items.
For an L-shaped kitchen remodel, try narrow, open shelves between the upper cabinets—a great solution for storing wine that doesn't require temperature control.
Use a Storage-Filled Island To keep a small kitchen looking open and airy. Keep upper cabinets to a minimum, which also allows more natural light to penetrate the room. To compensate for the lack of storage in a L-shaped kitchen remodel project, try narrow kitchen islands fitted with a combination of open shelves and closed cabinets


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Photo #4 is my favorite. I love it as I have such a small space and it looks just like my style. Your ideas are amazing....thank you again!

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This kitchen is absolutely fabulous!! Love everything about it, 

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