Saturday, January 31, 2009

looking for a recipe

I have searched high and low for a recipe I printed out yesterday off someones blog. It was for gingerbread cookies, or molasses cookies, one of those, and she gave a sugar free version using maple syrup. Now, when I want to make them, I can't find the recipe! Does anyone know what I am talking about, please help!


2punks1princess said...

Hi Melaine,
Was it the recipe on the Farm Chicks blog? I printed that one out too. Check it out.

2punks1princess said...

Oops, I apologize, this one does not have a sugar free version. If you find it, could you please post a link? They sound yummy!

NWlambear said...

I'd like to have that recipe also Melanie. When you find it would you post it on your Blog?

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