Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Little Entrepeneur!

My 6 yr. old Cody (yep, that's him in the Hugh Hefner pajamas) got a rock polisher from his Grandma for Christmas. Today was the big day for the reveal of the perfectly polished rocks! They turned out amazing! After washing them off, he quickly set up shop in the kitchen to sell them! Cash register and all, he made a sign, 25 cents! What a deal. My husband was the first customer, but didn't have any money, so he got one for free! Savannah bought herself one, and bought me one! Ahh! Sweet girl! Then the price went up to $1.00 a rock! Wow! I guess he really likes me though because he let me get 3 for $1.25, thanks Cody, I love my new rocks!

1 comment:

stacymae said...

So lucky to have found your blog today, I am really enjoying myself taking a look around.

Seems as if we have a lot in common since Cody & Savannah are two of my all time favorite names for children. I named my daughter Caroline - but Savannah just has such a charm to it

Nice to meet ya

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