Thursday, February 5, 2009

Before and After~EXTERIOR

We added window boxes and painted them white
The addition of Savannah's room and bump out of master bedroom

New improved bigger deck

Starting the dining room, probably one of the biggest projects

Those french doors are where the old garage used to be. New dining room going in on top

Stairs leading up to deck

New deck and exterior siding

I installed all the river rock and shingles myself while my husband was at work!

Exterior of finished dining room

Front porch, where one never existed before

Stairs up to front porch

Home sweet home~April 1998


We bought our first home out here on beautiful Crystal Lake in 1998. We were newlyweds with a little one on the way. This house was definatly not our dream home, but the location was perfect! Being do it your selfers, we dove into the projects, one by one, and still are not done. I wanted everyone to see what can be done with a little money and elbow grease. Anything is possible! It just takes time and patience. We did everything fairly inexpensively and did almost all the work ourselves, making some mistakes, but learning along the way. We are not professionals by any means! We enlisted help of friends and family and did trade work to make it all possible. I LOVE our home, I don't think we will ever leave it. It's where our kids were born, our first big purchase as a couple, and we have so many memories here.

We have since enclosed this part under the deck, enlarged the deck, built stairs up to the deck, and turned the old garage into a functioning room.

Do you see the fireplace? This sits where my daughters room now is. The fireplace is exposed in her room, now covered in river rock.

This is the back view of the house. This is our master bedroom you are looking at and to the right is now our daughters room.

Old garage, now a room. We built a separate detached garage. The little strip of deck you see has now become our dining room. It was bumped out, this looks so foreign to me now!


NWlambear said... you and your husband. You certainly found "a diamond in the rough" and turned it into a beautiful gem. Oh...if I were only younger...

marty39 said...

Again congratulation on having the vision to see what is possible. That is really a talent. You home has gone from ordinary to fantastic. Hugs Marty

2punks1princess said...

Oh my goodness! Amazing what you have accomplished with your lovely home! Ugh, popcorn ceilings, I am in the process of scraping the popcorn off of each and every ceiling in my home, room by room! Who invented that crap?! WHY would anyone put that on a ceiling!
Again, your home is lovely, I am one of your biggest fans! Smiles, Kristen.

annmarie1980 said...

WOOOWWW! You guys did an awesome job. I absolutely love your home. I am amazed that you did the shingles and river rock yourself. Kudos to you. Amazing work. Now lay back and enjoy your home and kids. Hugs

Kathysue said...

You really had vision to see what this home could be.The scenery is breathtaking,do you have a lake view?Lots of hard work took place to make it what it is today,Kudos to you and your hubby,Kathysue

Cowan Family said...

WOW! Your house is amazing!

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