Monday, February 9, 2009

Cute Valentine card Ideas!

We made these I-pod Valentines for our family members and the kids' bus driver! We used Hershey's kisses instead of the Reeses pieces. Learn how to make them here. They even give you a template to print out!
My son and I made these for his friends! We used bags with hearts on them, but any bag would do. I suppose you could even use a Ziploc. These are filled with gummy bears and teddy grahams! So cute! Get the directions here.

Get the directions here. My daughter and I made these for her class. We did ours slightly different. Instead of paper, we used printable address labels. You know, the sticky kind. We printed out the words, Valentine~you're all write, and then she wrote her name. We got the Valentine pencils at the dollar store, 24 for $2.00!
Happy Crafting!


annmarie1980 said...

What cute ideas!! Absoulutely love it. Thanks

The 5 Bickies said...

So, so cute. We were going to do the ipods for my 5th grade son's class but he went back to what was easy. I think they are a great idea and always look forward to the Family Fun issue with Valentine's ideas!

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