Tuesday, February 24, 2009

feeling honored

You are all so sweet! Thanks for the warm wishes on my speedy recovery! I am heading back to that percecet bottle, but check out http://ourdailybigtop.blogspot.com/2009/02/reveal-of-almost-there-room.html this sweet post! I feel so honored!


kimmcl said...

You should feel honored. You are probably a decorating inspiration to more people than you know!~

annmarie1980 said...

I totally agree with kimmcl. When I go shopping/thrifting, I see some things and wonder would mysweetsavannah use this in her space. You have inspired me to look at vintage items in a different light. It has a story behind it, why not add my story to it in my space. I am also teaching my 9 year old about vintage items and now she is pointing out items with a past. You have definately inspired me. And for that I thank you!

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