Friday, February 27, 2009

Haley's Cottage

My friend Cindy owns a WONDERFUL store in Mill Creek Washington. It's called Haley's Cottage. Haley's Cottage ~Mill Creek Town Center at:
15021 Main St. Creek, WA 98012

She has a blog too!

If you live in the area and have been, you know how good it is! If you live in the area and you have not been, go, and you will see how good it is!!!

It smells wonderful in there too with all the candles and lotions!

A lot of bling!

I bought this book for my daughter's room! These lotions and body scrubs smell like sweet sugar! Heaven!

Look at this lamp in a bird cage! Complete with no mess birds! The perfect kind!

Lots of frames and candles....

Lamps and furniture.....

Bella Notte bedding (and it's on sale right now!)

How cute is this idea? Screw a spoon onto your chalk board as a place to rest your chalk!

A lot of accessories made with shells!

Bella Notte swatches
You can order custom furniture and bedding from Cindy!

Sweet little pale pink chair with a shabby chic applique

Rhonda Addison art....dreamy!

Lamp shades to match your bedding? Okay!

Cindy has used these pink tutus everywhere in the store! So much fun!

Look at the vintage tin detailing on this nightstand!

Necklaces too....

Flame less candles

soaps and lotions....

Rustic yet chic frames....

Hey, that's me! Hello!

Ooh, la, la!

Have a seat and stay a while....

I am going to do this in my daughter's room. Cindy took tree branches and hung them from fishing line off the ceiling. Loaded in mini Christmas lights, I am sure Savannah will feel like she is in a princess room laying in her bed, gazing up at that!

Window display...

Mantle with lots of mercury glass.....

Love the animal prints!

and the trim on this shade!

this frame was one of my FAVORITES!!!


more Rhonda Addison...

that's the tour folks! Head on over there if you live in the area! If not, head on over to her website! Happy shopping!!!
p.s. fashion Friday may have to wait a week, not feeling very fashiony today in my jeans! sorry!


marty39 said...

What a great shop with so many wonderful things to see and smell. Such a feast for the eyes. Hugs, Marty

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Oh,wow! I want to go there now! If I start out from Houston, I should get there about when? :)


~Alisa said...

WoW... gorgeous! It would take a week to go through all those wonderful finds!
Can you share more about the book? I couldn't find it one the site, but looks great for little girls... and I have 4 of those! :-)

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

What a delightful shop. I saw several items that made my heart swoon.


Thanks so much for the great tour, I will diffently check out her blog and what a great store! I wanted to tell you that I saw your son's rm on RMS and left you a comment on it, I think that it was the best kids rm on there, you have done an incredible job and the details are just perfect, I didn't know you had a blog, I just found you through Cynthia's Cottage blog, stop by sometime!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my yes! What a lovely store. I haven't been to the new store in Mill Creek, but you've inspired me to check it out ASAP! Loved the stores in Bellevue and Snohomish!

Have you also checked out Whimsical Whites in Kent? They have cute things too....I'm always looking for stores like these!

That should help me get all amped up to start my Spring Cleaning!

Have a wonderful weekend.......

Jen r. said...

What a great store! I could fall in love with a place like that! Jen

alice said...

How fun! I could definitley get into trouble at that shop. Love that chandelier. All the tutus and crowns are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

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