Thursday, February 26, 2009

Way Out West! Decorating with a theme~

Decorating with a specific theme in mind can be so much fun! Especially when the space is for a child! I had so much fun decorating my son's room, I thought I'd share with you his space and where I found some of my most favorite treasures!
I found this chair at a garage sale for $50.00. I got on my cell phone called my Mom and said, "get over here!" When she arrived I said, "can you sew a cover for this, pretty please?"
How could she say no! :) Well, she could have, but I am glad she didn't, she is amazingly talented! We picked out different fabrics with a vintage appeal and she created this! It even has a reversible seat cushion! Genius! Part of the fabrics are faux suede and the rest are a really thick cotton. The star pillow I got at a antique store. It reverses to red. I made the other pillow!

The walls were inspired by some I saw in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I ripped out the page and taped it to my husbands forehead. Not really, but I made sure he didn't lose it! The color was a custom mix. I have the color somewhere if anyone wants it. It's a deep red.

This table was a flea market find. I think it was a whopping $15.00! The lamp my Mom found for me and gave to me for Christmas one year. I found this lampshade that had the same pattern as on my chair so I had to get it! I pinned on a little "sheriff" badge!

close up of the chair

I spent many nights nursing him to sleep here in this very spot!

His log bed was a antique store find. My Mom and I were going somewhere and took a wrong turn. That wrong turn led us to the antique store! I was only 1 month pregnant, didn't know what I was having, but had to have this bed! Good thing it was a boy!
My Mom made all the bedding!

This hutch I got at a junk shop and it previously was in our dining room and painted cream. I added the red vintage rubber horseshoes to the front with a little glue and painted and distressed it black. The baskets are from Ikea and the chalkboard labels are from Pottery Barn Kids. The closet doors my wonderful neighbor made. I just told him I wanted something that resembled barn doors, and 2 days later he brought these over to me, free of charge! Now that is a good neighbor!

He also made these saloon doors that I painted with, "cowboy's place...well, come on in" They lead to Cody's bathroom. I decoupaged the star with Western papers!

These letters are from here and there. I collected them from a while. I tried to buy old ones, but when I couldn't find just the right letter I painted some of my own from a craft store. The red polka dot D is from Anthropologie.

I made this sign and frame and framed a vintage paint by number, I love those!

A little shelf to house all gear that comes with being a cowboy!

Canteen, gun and holster set, vintage cowboy clothes.....

This is his bathroom. The tub was a find. I saw it on the side of the road coming home one day with a FREE sign on it! Do you know how fast I slammed on my brakes? I think my neck still hurts! My husband used to own a auto body shop and still does it as a hobby. He spruced it up nicely with some white car paint! The walls are a "denim" look using a Ralph Lauren paint, very easy.

The shower curtain is from Target and all the fixtures are brushed nickel.

Little bucking bronco towel hook!

A camp stool sits next to the tub, a garage sale find!

Everyone little boy needs a little Cowboy's and Indians next to the toilet! Especially when Tim Mcgraw is on the cover!

A little reading spot at the end of his bed. The stool was a gift from my aunt. The chair I got at Ikea and the flag pillow was a garage sale find.

Cody Cowboy book~how perfect~

close up of the lamp next to his bed

These hooks are from Pottery Barn Kids and hold his backpack and coats

This picture reminds me that bedtime can't come soon enough! :)

I didn't paint this sign, but I did get it for a steal! $50.00 because it had a little crack! I think the crack just adds to the appeal!

This sign I got at a garage sale. It's a friendly reminder....

These were Cody's when he was a baby. I think it is important to add these personal touches.

Have you seen this trick? Double up on your pillowcases. It leaves room in your linen closet and when the top one gets dirty, rip it off and you have a clean one underneath! This is a trick I use for camping and now do in my kids' rooms!

The barn wood beam was here! Very fortunate! I wrote, "outlaw" with rope and added some rusty cast iron stars.

barn doors to closet


[email protected] said...

What a fun boy's room. You are great at finding treasures. That $5 fine - no whining sign needs a place in my house too. Any chance you can make a similar sign?

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

I think you are very luck to have such a talented Mom and neighbor! And I think your son is very luck to have such a talented, caring Mother! That is a precious, precious room! Yee Haw!


marty39 said...

Now his room is definitely one of the cutest cowboy rooms I have ever seen. YOur mom and neighbor are very talented, and you too for all the vision to pull it all together. He's a lucky little boy. Hugs, Marty

marilynl said...

This is sooooo great. You have done an amazing job.

Anonymous said...

W.O.W. what a great room you have created for your little boy.

Nicole said...

That is AMAZING. This should be in a magazine. I should send you my son's pony aptly named Cowboy. I am sure he would fit in there. :) Thanks for sharing

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I just love it!

Claire said...

so inspiring you are...

mishebe said...

This is the Best Boys room I have seen. I would copy it totally. I always wanted to do my son's room in Cowboys. I LOVE the shutters and Barn doors. Lucky boy. mishelle

Emily said...

I am decorating my boys' room cowboy and I stumbled across your blog while googling cowboy room images.....LOVE IT! I was thinking about doing the boys a rope sign... do you mind if I ask how you did it? my email is [email protected]
Thanks a ton!!!

Hi! said...

Love the western decor, I will use the pillowcase idea!! Never thought of that one. I Enjoyed seeing the old bathtub, very nice.

Unknown said...

Do you know of any good online western stores? I'm looking to redecorate my home with rocky mountain decor.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Super adorable rooms! Very creative! I cannot even believe you got that tub free... how awesome is that! Yehawww! My son had those same jammies~ I snag the western ones whenever I see 'em!

Nat's Northwest Real Estate Blog said...

I love the western style theme! One of my favorites! I am actually in the process of decorating one or our guest room this way. You just gave some great ideas. I found an amazing blanket that has a great Native American inspired print If you are ever looking for a great throw with vibrant colors and Western theme:)

westernhomedesign center said...

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Cathy Bolin said...

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Delores Ensley said...

I am decorating my boys' room cowboy and I stumbled across your blog while googling cowboy room images.....LOVE IT! I was thinking about doing the boys a rope sign... do you mind if I ask how you did it?
Delores Ensley

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