Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clever re purposing ideas

tr.v. re·pur·posed, re·pur·pos·ing, re·pur·pos·es
To use or convert for use in another format or product:

Vintage mouldings made into a mirror

another use for old doors and windows

a new way to use silverware

a old container has a new home in the bathroom

old ceiling tins made in to frames~love these~

Have any vintage containers laying around? This would be cool with old large cans too!

Old floorboards made into a clever wine rack

picture says it all!

fabric scraps and buttons laying around? Old sweaters, felt? Make a cute little owl or some other creature!

Love, love, love the springs on these bar stools. Love the re purposed wood on the island too!

A mish mash of items that have been re purposed
What have you re purposed lately? I'd love to see pictures!


marty39 said...

These are all so creative. I am always so amazed at how creative and ingenius some people are. All I can say is "why didn't I think of that". Great post. Hugs, Marty

Jackie said...

So creative! I actually own (and sell) the tin ceiling tile frames and they're beautiful and so are the ladies who own the company! Very fun! Love all of the ideas!!

Kurstin said...

oh!! i love those tin picture frames!! I always buy old tins but i leave them in one piece. I just posted one!! there so fun.

Stefanie said...

Ok this is so funny! I was just searching the internet for some of these... then I read your blog and here they are. you always come through for me :) Did you find any sites that give instructions for repurpose projects? That's what I was looking for. Great post!

restyled home said...

Love the winerack! Now, if I only ever had more than two bottles of wine kicking around...

How do you get the time to accomplish so much and still blog so often. Your blog is a gem!


Sonya said...

Amazing. That flooring as a wine rack?! Wow, I love it.

Kasey said...

very clever idea with the forks.
hmmm. could put that to use.
How about old forks all along a piece of vintage molding?
now that's an idea;)

hopeful #1 said...

I love the forks! That would be a great idea for a recipe holder... Love the idea!

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