Tuesday, March 31, 2009

kitchen pendant lighting

Pendant lighting not only light up your house, but they also add colour and personality to your interior. They're shapely, chic, sexy and funky. If you've overlooked pendant lighting, you're missing out on an accessory that is rapidly coming back into style.
Pendant Lights
Mini-pendants serve ask task lights to define the work surface of a kitchen island.
Pendant lights are scaled-down and more affordable versions of chandeliers. They are single-hanging entities without the extra branches. The light may be stripped to a bare bulb suspended from a cord, or housed in a decorative shade crafted from glass, resin, metal or fabric. In actuality, pendant lights can be every bit as fancy as chandeliers, because they can be studded with Swarovski crystals or dangling gemstones.
Pendants can range in size from a tiny 2 inches, to a lantern that is 22 to 48 inches in diameter. Interior designers and architects appreciate them because they're more interesting than the recessed lighting that create holes in ceilings. Pendants can be used to spice-up a room or to instigate colour schemes. When hung in multiples (I.e. in straight lines or staggered at different heights for effect), they can also effectively set a mood.

Here are a few websites to check out if you are interested in pendant lighting:


Sheryl said...

I love pendant lighting, but we don't have any. Maybe one day! I just loved those photos. Not just because of the lights, but because of the detail of those kitchens. Sigh. So pretty!

Sarah said...

Loving the pendant lighting also. I found your blog via another blog, but I have no idea which one. Love all the white kitchens pictured also.

A Touch of Country said...

I'm blinded by the light! Love, love, love all the great ideas and website links.

Thanks for sharing.
You're blog is AWESOME!!

twin2trip said...

Oh thanks for sharing some good resources on where to look for some of those fabulous pendant lights because I am in the market.


gatherings home said...

Melaine this is an awesome post. Such beautiful pics and they tell so much about who you are. So stylish and serene. :)

Kim G. said...

I love the old schoolhouse pendants. I've used Rejuvenation in the past and been very happy with their products.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great tips! I got so many new ideas for the kitchen décor.
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Anonymous said...

Marvelous Interior!
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Jaz said...

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lighting said...

Those photos really had me at first glance. They are all pretty awesome! Great designs!

Mansi VGK said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sonneman said...

Fabulous Pendant Lights! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I love how lighting can change the entire appearance of a room! Amazing!!!

decking said...

Consider one of the cable systems which can be hung across a room, adding drama and spot lighting throughout. The effect is functional sculpture. Many pendants are being sold separately as well as with a transformer.

Anonymous said...

I love the sixth pendant light down .... on these pictures you posted...where can I find this light?


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