Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Weekend In Pictures...

...lots of pictures, bear with me. After all of this I am exhausted! However, I will hopefully get a lot of rest tonight and get on those pots tomorrow! Friday night, sock hop!
I love the picture above. Savannah and her best friend Jordyn anxiously awaiting the results for a raffle drawing!
Saturday morning. The Woodinville All Fools Day Parade! Lots of basset hounds all dressed up, lots of rain....

Cody~in all his glory and lots more rain....

Did I mention it rained? See the one gloved Savannah? That is because we (I) only brought one pair and we had to share! :)
She was a little cold....because it rained....

Cody got caught goofing off!

But he broke free and made it back safe to his seat and under that umbrella.... because it RAINED the whole time!!!
Good thing we had our chairs parked in front of Starbucks! Savannah would go in every now and then to warm her toes up by the fire.

Then off to Savannah's soccer game where she played goalie, something new for her.

Score~ 24 to 0~

For me, the BEST part of the whole day! We were fortunate enough to get 5 tickets to the Seattle Sounders (soccer) second game! It was everything I could have hoped for!

No rain ( I think it rained enough that morning!)
Luckily, we were under cover though just in case!

We had all inclusive club seating which we have never had before. The food was amazing! I had a steak sandwich on foccacia bread with calamata olives, a few steamed mussels, chicken skewers with peanut dipping sauce, beer battered cod fillets with homemade tarter sauce. For dessert, fresh lemon bars, strawberries, and chocolate chip cookies for the kids.....I should probably stop there before you start to think I am a real pig! Even thinking of the word buffet gets me all excited!

Cody snuggled up with me the whole time, precious. I loved it!

Savannah brought Jordyn. They are attached at the hip! Jordyn's mom bought them matching Sounders jerseys, too bad it was so cold, you couldn't see them! I think they look like adorable little Eskimos though!
(Jordyn in blue, Savannah in brown, they call these their marshmallow coats!)

My snuggle bunny! See those missing teeth?

After a late night, I headed out early Sunday for the flea market! This only happens every 3 months, and it is one of my favorites, I don't think I could ever miss it! I met my friend Suzanne at 7:30 this morning and loaded with lots of caffeine and cash we headed out! I was in a bit of a hurry because of the baby shower, so I didn't take any pictures. I will however take pictures of all my goodies and post soon! We met Kim there and if you stop by her blog you can see all her photos!
She is not lying when she says that the Barn House boys are fabulous!
Queen of Tarte was one of my favorite booths! These people are GREAT!
I also can never pass by my friend Dawn's booth. She has an etsy store too! She is super nice, super talented, super cute, and I hate her. Just kidding! I love her!

OK, with my car packed full and enough caffeine running through my veins, I rushed back to Woodinville to the lodge to set up for my sister's baby shower!

The pictures are sort of out of order and halfway through the day my batteries died on my camera/phone. So, here are a few pictures and I am going to beg some of the other girls (with real cameras, not just an i-phone) to email me some more photos that actually do it justice!
This is Lara wearing a rhinestone "mother to be" tiara"
She looked like a princess with a little pea in her belly!
Some of us went in on this super cool Phil and Ted stroller for her. She loved it!

Lara and our Auntie Linda who drove over an hour to be here! She just celebrated her 50th birthday! Happy Birthday Linda!

3 Sisters.........goofing around. Both Lara and I had our weddings here at the Lodge. At each one we had our photos taken in this very spot with all 3 of us, so we thought we should do it again! I don't think I realized I was supposed to smile right then. Maybe that thing called "sun" was getting me all confused!

Marne, Lara's sister in law on the left, and us. It was a gorgeous day and we actually had a little sunshine!

I know Lara will hate this picture of herself, but I think she is beautiful. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister! The banner in the background says, "baby Williams" since we don't know what she is having.

Taking in that sun!

The whole place smelled like lilies, one of my favorites! They are now sitting in my kitchen making my whole house smell so good!

One of my frames with her last ultrasound picture.

Lara, Marne, Blake, and Marne's daughter Hadley.

Savannah and her Siamese twin again...
Do you see that look on Savannah's face? I am getting the, "Mom, stop taking our picture!" look.

We played the game "when will her water break" from this blog! Hilarious! We also had these sitting on the tables for the guests to fill out. I used my baby flash cards sitting on the tables....
We had thank you cards already stamped and put in envelopes. When the guests came in they wrote their name and address on it. Then before the party ended we drew a envelope from the box and who's ever we picked won a prize!

I put this in one of my frames and hung it from this great old chippy door. One of my flea market finds from this morning! It pays to be the early bird!

More of my frames on the mantle with pink peonies! I Googled "vintage baby images" and printed out these darling little ones, cut them to size, and that was it! Super easy art!

On the entrance table I had this baby plate that each guest signed. The pen is permanent and Lara can keep it and remember all the friends that helped her celebrate this day!

This was so much fun!!! If you are having a large event you have to do this! The guests love it and it makes a big impact! We filled a 8' round table with apothacary jars filled with various candies to match the theme/decor. You can do this any season or occasion, just adjust the candy accordingly.

Luckily we have Easter right around the corner so it wasn't hard to find pink and blue and pastel candy! We had strawberry whoppers, giant pink marshmallows, candy necklaces, pastel jelly bellies, robins eggs, etc. Each jar had a scoop in it and sitting on the table were little celophane bags embellished with a sweet little sticker. The idea is your guests get to take a "sweet treat" home with them. I used pink and brown cupcake wrapping paper for a table runner!

Love these pink strawberry whoppers! Yummy!

Here is an example of a bag filled with candy. The kids especially love this!

More sugar! Cake mix cookies! My fave! Savannah frosted them all! What a helper!

This was a fun idea. I got inexpensive votive holders from Ikea. I think they were $5.00 for 6 of them. Put a little ranch in the bottom, and add some veggie sticks. The guests can just take one and it stops all that double dipping! Best of all, at the end of the day and after they have gone through the wash, you have your candle holders again!
This would be great for a lot of occasions.
You could even use shot glasses instead for something like a poker party.

More pink and blue yumminess!

I thought this was a crack up. Comes with the stroller we got her!

And that's a wrap! I am coming down off my sugar high, home in my overly messy house (boys home alone today) with 2 hungry kids, 1 hungry husband and a car to still unload.....
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday.
Sending my love from Crystal Lake!


Jeanneoli said...

Oh my goodness...what a weekend. It sounds so busy, but so wonderful. Your sister is a beautiful pregnant woman! I know she must have been so thrilled to have such a lovely shower.

Terri said...

I love your little sentimental touches...... like the plate for all to sign and the vintage baby photos. Great job on the party!

Chloe's Couture said...

What a beautiful shower! Where did you find the apothecary jars? That seems to be at theme now, and would like to know where to purchase them! What a special time for your sister.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Would you please email me with where you got those little silver scoops you used in the apothecary jars?

You are so talented!


[email protected]

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