Friday, March 27, 2009

Out of reach, but fun to look at

Most of us, including me, will never live in a house this grand. But, it always is fun to look at! You can usually always take away at least one thing you can replicate in your own home (as long as the styles are the same) For example: You love the interior above but don't have 50' ceilings in your own home, a lavish imported fireplace, or such grand architecture. However, you love what they have done on the coffee table, or the way they arranged the furniture, and can get some good ideas off of that!
You see a certain mood with the muted colors going on and that soothes you so you start to add in more creamy whites into your home.

If you like the rug above for example, or the candlesticks on the coffee table, head down to your local TJ Maxx or Home Goods and see what they have that is similar.

I get most of my ideas from looking at other peoples homes, magazines, or pictures like these on the Internet. I am a visual person who has to see something to "get it" If I wanted to emulate bookcases like this in my own home, I would not be able to describe them to my husband good enough. But, a photo says it all! Get it?

You don't have to have big bucks to have a grand looking home. I am sure you could find a similar towel rack at a discount store or even home improvement center!

Look at the accessories. Many of these photos are staged. Look how they decorated with the small things to make a big impact.

Look at the simple tile in the bar area! Can we say Lowe's?

The hunt is half the fun. Get in your car, head down to a thrift store or discount store with a picture in hand. I am sure you will find something that looks like a million bucks, but doesn't break the bank!
Happy hunting!


marty39 said...

Great pics and such great advice. Hugs, Marty

Erin said...

Funny, I would still rather live in a quant little cottage any day! I think I would feel overwhelmed with that kind of space? The reare exterior facade is very pretty.

gatherings home said...

Funny you picked up on the tile in the bar :) Love looking at pics like these. Tha architecture is stunning!

Remodeling Guy said...

I can say Lowes, that's for sure! And Home Depot too! But when it comes to tile and most of these products if you look even deeper you can really find some amazing deals! I love digging through the "leftovers and throwaway's piles" at some of the suppliers around here...and in Miami..forget it!

Cool Post!

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