Sunday, March 22, 2009

The over the door shoe organizer

An Advent Calendar? I have to do this! I love the black and white with the pops of green~ so "me"
The over the door hanging shoe organizer. Does anyone really use these things? I'm sure someone does or they wouldn't still be around. They are kind of cool with all their clear plastic pockets and out of the way over the door-ness. Is there any other use for them?Of course!Check out the idea to hang one from your pantry door. This provides an out of the way and easy to find way it to store seasoning envelopes, jars and bottles of spices and any other small and easy to lose items. Since the organizer is clear you can see all your items quickly and easily. Being vinyl makes is very easy to clean as well. (for visual appeal though you could certainly use a opaque one in a color to match your room decor and label the pockets) The second idea is also cool. Hang one of the these over your laundry room or storage room door and fill the pockets with things that seem to have no home. Screws, tape, batteries, suction cups, rubber bands (doesn't everyone have a few of these and not know why?), picture hangers, or anything else that clutters but can't be tossed.I can also see this being used in your linen closet or bathroom for medicines, bandages, soaps, etc. Below shows a picture of a over the door canvas that sits near a changing table and houses diapers, creams, lotions, etc. How handy is that?

Hey, you can always use these for shoes too!


Vanilla Lavender said...

Great ideas! I have one hanging inside my dauther's closet door for all her socks and other little things as hairs bows. Thanks for sharing!

Kurstin said...

Hey Melaine, go to
those are the frames she is selling! We will post all the info on the frames soon.

let me know if you are interested in purchasing any.
Call Mandy at 612-801-4520


marty39 said...

What clever ideas to get rid of the clutter and get organized. Hugs, Marty

[email protected] said...

I'm going to macgyver one up to store wrapping paper. It's going to be my gift wrap central.

Sue said...

Mine is in the upstairs linen closet on one of the double doors. It holds extra toiletries, extra lite bulbs, scissors, glue, etc. ~ everything I don't want to run downstairs for! LOL It is so handy and I'm not wasting valuable shelf space. Sue

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh yes! I love those organizers. I used to live in a tiny little place and used one behind my bathroom door for mouse, hairspray, lotions I have one behind my laundry room door and use it for the lint brushs, vacuum cleaner parts, swiffer duster and refills......and more! They are soooo handy. Some of our doors are French doors in our house so they can't be used....darn it! They'd be great in a kid's room for mittens, hats, or toys too.

Happy Sunday!

PS........loving your new header! :-)

Kathy said...

They can be seen in the staff bathroom in many schools for teachers to keep personal toiletries in. Each teacher gets her own pocket! ~Kathy @

alice said...

What great ideas!
Much more exciting than shoe storage!

Southerner said...

I have one in the coat closet for gloves and knit hats. They still throw them on the floor, but hey, it is there and looks great when i put it all in the pockets for them.

That first photo is freaking me out. Is that a real child... standing on the edge of a chest...backwards? And why is he so tiny?

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