Thursday, March 19, 2009

I found some great money saving ideas off a website I just discovered! Not only are there money saving ideas, but some other ideas that are just plain genius! Here are a few I liked. The first one we actually do!

1) I am a grandmother helping to raise 2 grandkids. We are doing the 7 minute pickup at our house. EVERYONE picks up for 7 minutes. I set the timer on the stove and everyone gets busy for 7 minutes. You will be surprised at how much gets done. I usually do the kitchen...the kids select what they want to work on before we start. Their Dad usually does the family room. We all work at top speed to see how much we can do. I call out minutes remaining just to spice it up a bit. We are not cleaning....just picking up. Complaints are not acknowledged.... anyone can work for 7 minutes. Try it.......its fun and certainly helps keep the house straighter!!

2) I love to garden. I always save coffee grounds and tea bags for mulch around my hydrangeas. It changes the ph of the soil and makes my pink ones blue. It looks great too. I save them all winter long and if a sunny day comes along, I run outside and dump them on top of the ground. Hope this helps!
3) My plumber told me that you should use half of the recommended detergent for your washing machine and your dishwasher. That's really all that you need and the manufacturers of the detergent recommend that you use more so you run out faster and have to buy more. The plumber said this is better for your pipes too because the extra suds can contribute to clogs in your pipes, so you really are better off using less. better for the environment too because fewer chemicals will be leached out into the waterways and you'll reduce your plastic waste.You can use even less detergent if you live in an area with soft water which lathers much easier than hard water, requiring less detergent, soap, toothpaste, etc.
4) If you are in the middle of a painting job but out of time, don't clean your brush or roller. Tightly wrap them in plastic wrap or foil and store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to resume painting. This works with either latex or oil based paint. (I am laughing right now, because I do this and my husband hates it!)
5) This will save you from throwing away good clothes other than those mysterious color transfer stains when you pull your clothes from the washer or dryer!I had a brand new top (worn exactly one time!) that I pulled from the DRYER that was covered with color from another item in the same load, and had tried EVERYTHING I could think of to remove the stains (Oxi, multiple stain removers, soaking, etc., etc.). One day while searching the net, I came across this and it works!!!!In an old spray bottle, mix together equal parts of Dawn dishwashing liquid, amonia, and water (I used maybe only 2 T of each). Shake well to thoroughly mix. Spray mixture on the stains liberally. Let sit a few minutes. Use an old soft toothbrush in circular motion on the stain. Rinse. Repeat as necessary. It took a while and multiple applications, but I see not once trace of the stains, and like I said, it was covered in dye transfer stains and had already been dried in the dryer!
6) I have used this often and it works wonders!! If candle wax gets dripped on a tablecloth or if you are trying to remove the stub of a candle from the candle holder, simply pop the items in the freezer and remove after a few hours. Then the wax comes right off!
7) I have a little dog who just loves to sleep on the sofa. It was okay on the old one but when I got the new one I didn't want pet hair all over it. A friend told me to put aluminum foil on it. Don't try to make a slipcover of foil. Just rip off a piece for each seat section. For some reason dogs don't like it. I wish I knew this when she was a puppy!
8) Being a military family we have seen a few moves (ok 9 to be exact) and have been through our share of mattresses (especially when the movers pile stuff on top of them and destroy them).Hot tip=the goodwill store here in colorado has brand spanking-in-the-plastic-awesome-pillow-top mattresses for cheap. We bought a queen pillow top and spent less than $300. Supposedly the goodwill gets a markdown from Denver Mattress Co. We use it for our guest bedroom and i take olympic competitive naps on it quite often=its excellent.If you're willing to spend some money, I highly suggest the swedish mattress system. It's the memory foam one. A king ran us under 2K but we will never have to replace it unless the house catches on fire. We loved it so much we bought a full for our son (he loves it too). Over the long run it will save us big dollars. Just think of how many mattresses you've bought over the years!!!
9) I use Johnson & Johnson's All Over Baby Wash (there's a generic brand at CVS and Wal-mart for about 2.99 a bottle). I use it as a shampoo, face wash, eye-makeup remover and body wash. It makes my hair so soft that I've quit using conditioner. It's tear free, so I rub it on my eyelids in the shower and it even dissolves my water proof eyeliner and mascara. My skin breaks out easily and I've noticed that it's helped reduce breakouts. It's also great for the gym or trips because I only have to take one small travel bottle for all my shower stuff!
Unplug items you are not using. Even if they are off they are still pulling current. This cost savings will add up to more than you think. If you don't want to continually be unplugging items, invest in a Smart Strip (different than a standard power strip). It does not allow your items to pull electric current when off. You will probably cut your electric bill in half.
11) Dialing 1-800-411-free will connect you with a site which will give you the number you need. You will have to listen to an advertisement which pays for this service. It's well worth it to me.
12) When looking for a local business phone and address, you can send a text to Google for info.> ex. If I want to go to McDonald's and don't know where the closest one is, I can text "McDonalds 60123" and it will tell me where the nearest ones are.You send the message to 46645 (it spells GOOGL). They return the message in a few seconds and it's free.

13) When we buy fastfood they always gives us napkins, so the extra ones they gives us we use them at home. Goes for wrapped forks, spoons, knives from fastfoods too, we save them, comes in handy when you pack up your lunch every day.
14) When you purchase on line and you come to a section which asks for a coupon code, stop! That means there is one and I have generally found it by googling the stores name and adding "coupon".(example: Pottery Barn coupon)I recently got 25% off of a rug and saved $55.00. I have gotten free shipping this way as well. Takes a few minutes to search but it's definitely worth the trouble.
15) There are too many homeless pets in the world, especially now due to the economy. Many of them are put to sleep due to lack of good, permanent homes. I ran across a web site link that lists FREE & low cost spay-neuter clinics within a 100-mile radius of your zip code.Go to: ASPCA.orgBesides preventing litters of unwanted pets, here are other benefits of fixing your pets: ASPCA-Spay & Neuter Top TenThank you for fixing your pets & PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great post! I actually use about half of these strategies, but the other half are new ideas for me! Thanks!


P.S. I'm celebrating 100 posts with some giveaways: 3 signed photos and 1 large chandelier decal from Wilson Graphics. I thought you might be interested! :)

Jenny said...

Great post! I love these ideas!

I use 1 800 GOOG 411 when calling information. It's Google's line (so it's easy and great) and FREE and no advertisements at all.

gaohui said...

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