Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tree Farm Day

In 2001 Crystal Lake was named Washington’s tree farm of the year. Every member that lives here at Crystal Lake is a shareholder in our 600 acres of forest in which 250 acres are sustainable tree farms. Each year we all gather as a community to maintain the existing trees, plant new trees, and rehabilitate our existing tree farms.
We all met at 9 am in the pouring down rain and listened to Ron Munro, who is a forester and member of our community, talk about today’s plan. We limbed up trees in a certain area to 21 feet and then tagged them. The kids came and helped and it was a lot of fun. We all got soaking wet and by 12:30 were ready to call it a day! Here are a few shots I captured.
The day started out like this~soggy & muddy


Me and the kiddos

Cody and our neighbor friend Andy goofing around

They obviously had better rain gear than me! I got soaked!

A little "how-to" on tree trimming

And a little demonstration

He's such a hard worker!

Me, in black and white. ( Somehow I think it makes my butt look smaller! ha-ha!)

The bonfire kept us all toasty warm!

My friend Trina, remember her? The one with the cute pink house. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven! Yummy!

And BBQ hot dogs by the grill masters!

Tons and tons of food and hot drinks!

But, the best part of the day is that my baby lost his first tooth!

And, the second best part of the day......
When we came home and got all cleaned up, he handed me another tooth! 2 teeth in one day! I think the tooth fairy brings something special for that right?

Now that we are home, all warm and dry, we are staying in for family movie night with some big bowls of popcorn. I think first we are all going to soak our sore muscles in the hot tub! I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!


mimi charmante said...

I can't believe how cold it was out there today! We spent about an hour at the Saturday Market and I nearly froze to death! Good for you getting your job done, rain, cold and all!

Dona said...

Just found your blog~~~dreamy! I've never heard of Crystal Lake..but because of the grey, slightly damp, okay deluge kind of day I'm thinking it is on this side of the mountains?

Out of curiosity and to settle a decorating disagreement which on the things to be concerned about barometer doesn't even register you find it odd (inserting my own nice word instead of dh's cause this is kind of a family blog:) to decorate a lake house with salt water stuff (shells, corals, fish ball thingies, beach glass, etc.) I don't at all, plus the do-over account doesn't exist...just wondering as the topic came up tonight after drooling over your wonderful shabby beachy pictures!

Looking forward to seeing more of your talents!


***old pics but gives you an idea of why 'he' thinks I'm 'odd':)

Dona said...

Okay, I should read before I 'speak'...Crystal Lake is in/near Woodinville:)~~Dona

jaime said...

Love the cute rain boots!

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