Sunday, April 5, 2009

Armed & Dangerous

I have not always known how to use power tools. But out of necessity I learned how. When we bought our house, as many of you know, it was in sad shape. Not having enough money to hire projects out, we did everything ourselves. My husband is very handy and I had the determination to learn how to use these things! I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing things myself. Confidence comes with practice and patience. If you are a woman who has not yet used power tools I encourage you to try them! You would be surprised how easy they really are!
That is not me! :) I have a small tape measure in my purse. I bring it everywhere with dimensions of different places in my home. That way if I am at a store and am wondering if that table really would fit, I have the dimensions with me and the tape measure too.
This palm sander is very inexpensive and saves tons of time on sanding old paint or varnish off, or distressing furniture. Home improvement stores make pre-cut sheets of sandpaper for these, but to save money, I buy large sheets and cut my own.
The cordless drill is a must have too. Projects go so much more quickly and smoothly when you have this to use. Just make sure the battery is charged at all times! I keep my charger plugged in in my laundry room for easy access.

This tool is a bit pricier and is used for cutting angles on mouldings, the picture frames I make, signs, and various other projects. My husband got me one for my birthday one year! Now that's my kind of gift!

This is a router table. My husband built mine into a counter top in my craft room. This is used to make decorative edges on signs, etc. It is also used to cut out the grooves on the backside of my picture frames to hold the glass backing. This is more of a specialty tool, not everyone needs one of these.

This is called a biscuit joiner. I use this when I make my frames, along with biscuits, (not the kind you eat!) and wood glue to hold the sides together.
Over the years I have advanced to more ambitious projects. When I get stuck I call up my husband and he usually always has a solution. The last phone call I made to him was while he was at work asking him where the nail gun was? I could see his eyes rolling over the phone as he asked me, "what are you doing to the house now?"
Classes for many types of decorating projects are available at most home improvement centers. Ask questions and practice on small projects before jumping into bigger tasks.
I am a firm believer in do it yourself projects. With a little know-how and some basic tools you can save yourself a ton of money. Visit your local library for how to books, or search websites.


Sue said...

I admire your gumption in learning to use all those tools! I get by with my drill, measuring tape, pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, sandpaper, hacksaw, and handsaw. If I need anything else done, I call a contractor friend. LOL Love your blog. ~Sue

Sheryl said...

I'm realizing I need to learn more about power tools. That way I don't need to rely on my husband (and his deadline is always longer than mine!).

gatherings home said...

Makes me want to go out and buy a biscuit joiner! I do not have that piece of machinery...yet! ;)

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

I'm dying to get some power tools. I think I'll need to start asking for them for Mother's Day and my birthday...although new clothes would be nice too...but I REALLY want to do some molding projects!

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