Friday, April 24, 2009

Going Vertical!

Today I helped my friend Margo paint stripes in her girls' room.

The first thing you want to do is determine how "fat" you want your stripes. We made these

12 1/2" Measure from the edge of wall in. Make a pencil mark at 12 1/2"

Measure over another 12 1/2", make a pencil mark, so on, and so on. Do this in about 3 different
spots, depending on how much wall space you have to cover, you may need more.

Use a level to connect the dots and draw a faint pencil line.

Using painters tape, mask off the areas that are going to get a diff. color. In this case she wanted green (Christopher Robins Swing by Behr) and white stripes. It is helpful to mark with pencil a "w" for white in the areas that will be getting the white paint.
Tape off any mouldings and ceiling if need be. In this case we only had to do the chair rail moulding because the ceiling would be getting moulding later in the remodeling process.

Push down hard to prevent any paint seeping underneath the tape.

I used a small brush to cut in and then rolled on the white. If you are doing smaller stripes, you can use a mini roller.

Let coats dry thoroughly in between. 2 coats were sufficient on this job.

Before the paint is totally dry, but after it has gotten tacky, slowly peel the tape away, peeling towards the fresh paint.

Voila! You now have a striped wall!
p.s. any pencil marks left on the wall can be taken care of easily with a magic eraser!
Depending on the texture of your walls, a little touch up with a fine brush may be necessary.

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GiDu said...

Oh! I love those stripes!

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