Monday, April 27, 2009

~I want one~

I think I have found the perfect chicken coop. Now, just have to work on the community and their little by laws!


[email protected] Suburban Cottage said...

I have to say, it has NEVER occured to me to have a chicken coup, but that's pretty darn cute. I wouldn't mind a storage shed like that...hmmmm....

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Good Luck with the powers that be!

Robin Johnson said...

That is the best looking chicken coop I have ever seen. How adorable!

The Chic Housewife said...

I want one too! That is to cute!!!

SeaWorthy said...

We are going to get some chickents very soon. Growing up we had some as babies (chicks) and then one turned into rooster, which totally blew it for us in the neighborhood. Had to get rid of the gals, and the party crasher. We kids were sad, Just discussed it with the hubs last weekend, and he has given us the aok!!
Quite swank for a few cackling feathered folk, if I do say!!!
good idea tho..
from the beach, sister!!
coastal nest

Jodi said...

My husband just built a portable chicken coop (portable, as we can move it from place to place in our yard). It's currently just plywood walls, but this gives me great inspiration on how to make it not such an eye sore!



Jenny @ Kerrfect! said...

Where is this picture from? I'd be interested in some more details about it!

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