Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Day 1 ~Heading to Africa!

Today the kids and I toured Africa! It was amazing! Look how close we got to the giraffes and zebras! It was such a lovely day!

We got to tour the little villages to see how the natives live.

They liked this little hut the best.

We even saw hippos! Can you spot it in the water?

The scenery was amazing. I will never forget this trip.

The kids even got along....all day!

We saw some farm animals here and there....

Cody even got to milk a cow!

Me and Savannah in the African Savanna!

What a day! I wonder what day 2 of spring break will bring?

1 comment:

TRICIA [email protected] said...

Super cute storytelling Melaine!
Quick little trip to Africa too. ;)
Happy Spring Break!


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