Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~I vote these my favorites!~

Someone asked me what are some of my favorite shops in my area. Well, here are my favorites....(not in any particular order)

1) Gatherings in Marysville Washington (closing so there are great deals right now!)

2) Haleys Cottage in Mill Creek Washington

3) Nest in Mill Creek Washington

4) Cranberry Cottage in Bothell Washington

5) Heartland in Bothell Washington

6) Value Village in Redmond Washington

7) Anthropologie in the University Village, Seattle Washington

8) Ben Franklin, Monroe and Redmond Washington

9) Wights Nursery in Lynwood Washington

10) Molbaks in Woodinville Washington

11) T J Maxx, Woodinville Washington

12) Pottery Barn Bellevue and Lynwood Washington

13) Urban Outfitters in Lynwood Washington

14) Willow in Lake Chelan Washington

15) Joyworks in Snohomish Washington

16) Faded Elegance, Snohomish Washington

17) Annie's on First, Snohomish Washington

18) my sweet savannah's etsy store :)

some of my favorite restaurants are:

1) Cactus, Kirkland Washington

2) Purple Cafe and Wine Bar in Woodinville Washington

3) Coyote Creek Pizza, Kirkland Washington

4) Molbaks Cafe in Woodinville Washington

5) Panera Bread Company in either Redmond or Lynwood Washington

Best hair salon:

1) Tanglez salon in Monroe Washington (ask for Kim!)

Best Nail salon:

1) Cassabella Nails in Lynwood Washington

Best Coffee shop:

1) Starbucks, duh! Especially the ones with the drive throughs!

Best Bargain shopping:

1) The Dollar Tree in Monroe Washington

2) Goodwill in Bellevue or Lynwood Washington

3) Value Village, Redmond Washington (or Lynwood)

4) Craigslist

5) garage sales

4) Sandpoint antique and design market (Flea Market) Seattle Washington
5) Plato's closet in Lynwood or Bellevue Washington

If anyone else in the area has any tips on great shops, I'd love to hear!


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Borrowed Bungalow said...

Hi Meline, I have been following your blog since I found you on Rate My Space a few months ago (I love your style and bolg!) Anyways, I live in Kirkland and I was at Blooming Home today (in Kirkland) and was wondering if you have ever been there. It's a home Furnishing consign store and I love it!

Melaine Thompson said...

yes! I love blooming home! I always check it out in the summer when my husband is docking the boat! Can't believe I missed that one! Thanks! Melaine

Lateda said...

I had to laugh as I read your favorites... half of them are mine too:)I honestly think that we must have ran into each other at some point! I love reading your blog... and if I happen to see you sometime Im going to just have to say HI:)
Congrats on being an Auntie!

Jana Johnson Label said...

Thanks for putting us on your list! It's always fun to see you at the store.

mmk8007 said...

Hey, I live in Snohomish! I surfed over here from ThisYoungHouse. I love all your shops as well. For restaurants you HAVE to try Azul in the Mill Creek Town Center and Mongos out on Hwy. 9 at 164th....it's in a gas station strip mall location but it is out of this world!!!!

Jen D. said...

Hi! I too found your blog from this young house. Thanks for sharing your great list. I live in Lake Stevens, WA. I agree on several of the places on your list, but there were also a lot of new places for me to explore. Thanks for sharing.

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