Friday, May 29, 2009

~watery inspiration~

I am literally craving these colors after my post yesterday on the vintage kitchen space! They are so scrumptious, relaxing, and summery!
I am off to a neighborhood that claims to have 100 + garage sales, so I just may find something in these hues!
Wish me luck!


Katie said...

I loooove that picture w/ the bright blue chair outside the door and the beach towels hanging in the corner. Gets me in the mood for summer!! Let me know if you find anything good at your garage sales! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Perfect pictures of a perfect summer! Just Lovely!

Beach House Dreamer said...

Good luck. I'm sure you find something! All colors that remind me of the sea and summers on the beach. Wonderful.

mommynoodles said...

I love the first pic. color,it's so spa retreat like! I've always wanted my bathroom that color,it is so relaxing.I think i would fall asleep cooking if i had that color in my kitchen though! lol Natalie, Have a "BLESSED" weekend!

Kathy said...

I love that color too! I painted a room that we call the "apt" over the garage that color (seafoam green??)and have not done anything else trying to figure which colors out how to get the chabby chic beach look and you have given me the inspiration to finish! I think just using white with it and maybe a sprinkling of pink or yellow! I have always liked it so much more than the typical blue used for a beachy feel. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

What lovely, fresh and calming's relaxing just looking at them!
Good luck at the garage sales :)
Simone :)

Marie said...

Love all your green and aqua pictures recently - beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

YUmMy! .........oh how I love those blue-sie and green colors. We call them the Martha colors around here. They are always so fresh and crisp, aren't they?


Alicia said...

Loving the bathroom but I can't remember where I first saw it.
"a coccooning soak"

Pure Grace salts releasing, scentsations in ribbons
tangling 'round my sonatas
baroque & bouyant
only to be touched on the shoulder
by the cool prosecco as it crisply whisps across my tongue
a treasure, this tranquil escape

by me....

Good luck at the sales. May the gettings be greater than the costs.

Unknown said...

Love all this color too!!!!! I think those of us who have chosen to go mostly neutral must bring in some color in the form of our accents and accessories, especially this time of year! My favorite is the gift wrapping station--that one goes into my inspiration file since I need to work on mine! SO MUCH FUN!

[email protected] said...
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jamie said...

I've been drawn to these colors lately as well. That soft aqua blue is my favorite. I've used it a bit in our new kitchen and I just want more of it every time I see it!

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Great pics and ideas. I would love to go garage saling, haven't been in quite some time.
Let us know if you find anything :).

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