Sunday, June 14, 2009

~7 things~

Here you go Jeanne.
7 things about me.
1) I wish I was a better sewer (is that a word?) 2) I have had issues my whole life with my red hair.
I think that is why I prefer black and white photos of myself and get regular blond foils!

3) I heart vintage children's anything!

Toys, books, wallpaper, fabrics, you name it!

4) love, love, love these 3 people with everything in me.

5) I am always cleaning, it's an obsession, I have to have things neat and tidy, and no, this is not me!

6) I have a huge crush on Paul Walker, oh wait, you already knew that didn't you?

7) I love my doggy like he is my third child.
Not to exciting, but I love to play along!


Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and Wildflower Creative said...

Love, love, love the vintage pails! I, too, am a redhead, but have never dyed my hair or gotten highlights....I think the hubs would have a heart-attack! :) LOL!


Suzann said...

These are great things.

starnes family said...

Great list! Love the childrens' pails.

Jeanne Oliver said...

YEAH!! You are awesome! Go back now and there is a link to my 25 facts. Did not know your love of Paul husband teases me all the time because Paul is my soulmate!!!:-) Loved these facts about you.

Alicia said...

Vintage pails & Paul... cute & cherished then yummy & more yummy!!!
Thanks for sharing & the eye candy.
P.S. Paul's a great father..makes him even yummier!!!!

Unknown said...

Great things! thank for sharing! I love your hair!

Kristin said...

Perfect and lovely! How is it I find myself here every day and leave with a smile! You are wonderful.

p.s. Paul...yep, check, he is the cutie in every way. Great father too, so a keeper is he!

Angie said...

I met Paul Walker last year- he's just as gorgeous in person and very nice!!

elmaelsiena said...

Love the tin pails!! Are they yours. I love to clean to I just love a nice clean organized home:)

Kathy said...

My sister has your hair and my whole life I have envied it. That picture of you in the hat at Farm Chicks looks like a model from a magazine, I say Paul should be stalking you!

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