Monday, July 13, 2009

~price my space~

The Nester is having a photo challenge and it's right up my alley!
When I first put my rooms on rate my space I got a lot of comments like
"my home would look like this if I had lots of money"
and things like that.
But I am here to show you, thrift store finds can make the biggest impact on a room~in a good way!
I don't have a ton of money and I think my home looks pretty darn good for being decorated on the cheapola side!
OK, enough tooting my own horn, let's price this space! 1) Silk drapes from Pottery Barn but found at a thrift store. $5.00 per panel for a total $20.00!
2) Ikea frames ~$15.00 each for a total of $60.00. Black and white enlargements made at Costco for $2.99 a piece for a total of $12.00
3) Bench from The Farm Chicks Flea market last year. $200.00. She sells on etsy now!
4) Antique store chandelier. It was black when I bought it and I sprayed it
cream and distressed it. $25.00
5) Chamberlain cornices from Lowes~$120.00ish total, painted cream.
6) hand painted sign made by moi~free
7) sconces from TJ Maxx, $12.99 each, again, sprayed cream and distressed
8) Thrift store chair I painted cream and distressed~$24.99
9) Ballard designs velvet monogram pillow, around $30.00
10) Pottery Barn Velvet duvet in ivory-$100.00 on sale, I found one here
shams were about $20.00 a piece on sale. Beaded bolster pillow, Pottery Barn $54.00, probably on sale because that is the way I like to shop!
11) Thrift store end table I painted black and distressed. It has a really cool wire mesh door insert and cool curvy legs. $15.00
12) Simply Shabby Chic marble lamp from Target~$35.00
13) Simply Shabby Chic glass lamp from Target~$30.00ish, just broke, have to find a new one :(
14) Bed, oops forgot to number......Underhills furniture, $1600.00 for it and a console and one night table.
For a grand total of............(drum roll please!)
Not bad huh?
Of course this is not including some of the accessories, and I have added a few new pillows to the bed since this pic. was taken, but you get the idea!
moral of the story~
Shop, shop, shop!
You can tell your husbands I told you it was OK!
Look around for the best deals, you don't have to pay Pottery Barn prices to get the look!


Kasey said...

please do tell...when did walmart start carrying such nice stuff

Kasey said...

did you just say $2300 on a bedroom?!

The Blushing Hostess said...

Not bad at all, that is a great price for this pretty, calming space. Well done!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

You've proven the point that it's not the is style that makes a room. And you've got style, baby! Fabulous!!


Yansy said...

I love your bedroom and I totally agree with you about decorating on a budget.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

That is my mantra..if it is not on sale or clearance or at a garage sale then I don't buy it! Always look for the deal and you can make a home look fabulous! Great job! Check out my new/old chandelier I just redid on my blog.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Im in love with that bedroom! Peaceful~

DylKat said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I fell in love with your beautiful decorating ideas on rate my space many months ago and then started following your blog (in fact, that was how I got started wi/ blogging myself). This room is absolutley beautiful and definitely does not have the look of being done on a budget.

Also so very sorry to hear about your Grandfather! I can tell from your posts that family is so very important to you and I'm sure the loss is devastating. Hopefully your fond memories of him will get you through this rough time.

Angie said...

Ok- I'm going to go tell my husband "It's ok to go shopping, Melaine said so!" ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for revealing your price tag...I'm always curious about how much people spend on things. Nice job!

Gwen said...

Best reason for shopping around that I have ever heard. You also got me into trouble by linking to ebay. I am shopping right now and it is all your fault!

Unknown said...

Oh, what a beautiful bedroom!

gatherings home said...

Ohhhh Melaine! Your bedroom is stunning! Thanks for letting us take a peak. On another note, I hope we have the chance to get together sometime. I would love to bounce some ideas off you about my shop.


Full House said...

I am so with you on this one! What a fun contest & keep tootin your horn because it looks fabulous. Plus I think it is much more satisfying & takes much more creativity to shop on a budget & @ thrift stores.

Tracey said...

Melaine-- didn't see you linking on the Nester's page. I love seeing your deals and what you spent money on!

Mrs. Darnell said...

I love the the whole thing. I am painting a few rooms and debating the bedroom after seeing your color...any idea what it is? Thank you

Risa said...

I remember your room from RMS and I just love it. Great job and thanks for sharing where you got everything.

elmaelsiena said...

Love the bedroom!! I tell you I never pay retail price:) I found a Martha stewart duvet and shams all white on the clearance rack and that day it was take an extra 40% off plus I had a macy's 20% coupon so I hardly paid anything for my bed;) I even saved the receipt to show my family.We have eight kids so I am allways looking to save. I also find great deals at the gap for my kids.

Merisi said...

It's your sense of style, knowledge (have you ever heard that old Syms commercial about "An educated customer"?), hard work and shoe leather, that makes this room so seemingly effortlessly put together, yes so luxurious in a desireable way! Really beautiful.

Merry Mack said...

Brilliant and beautiful! That is how I shop too.

Hillcrest Acres said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hillcrest Acres said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!

Victoria said...

Came over from Restyled Home and just had to comment on your bedroom! It's a beautiful room. I love it.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing this! I had the same thought when I saw your spaces--I assumed it took a lot of money to decorate that way. $2300 isn't bad, especially if it isn't all spent at once.

Ki said...

Love this post! Great style! Have a fun trip!

Marie said...

Hello Melaine - your room is gorgeous. I love everything about it. Love that bench. You got some amazing deals too! Thank you for sharing.


BlueCastle said...

Oh wow. Your room is beautiful, and I love reading all about your good deals. :) Great job.

Anonymous said...

Ooh-la-la! Great work (the cornices and chandelier especially make the space)! And I am pretty envious of you finding the silk drapery at a thrift store for $5/panel??!!! Unheard of!!

sherribram said...

WHERE did you get your dining room table??? I LOVE it!!!!!

Erin said...

Beautiful! What color of paint is your wall color?

Juls said...

If $1600 isn't an option for a bed, (it never would be for us), then two old doors work beautifully and offer alot of character! We hung the one at the head on the wall so that it shows after pillows are one and then the one at the foot is just screwed in to the bedframe. Mine don't match. The one at the head was $200 at an antique store, the one at the foot was $35 and at a home salvage store that sells the guts of old houses. Plus, they can be painted if so desired. Great blog!

NWMDesign said...

My turn, my turn. I redesigned my daughter's master bedroom a couple of weeks ago. Here are the before photos:/Users/nancymess/Desktop/IMG_0663_2.JPG
And here are the after photos:/Users/nancymess/Desktop/IMG_0747_2.JPG

I made the headboard from some fabric I had, so we needed a sheet of plywood, batting, and foam (suck on plywood with spray mount then staple gunned it. Cost was around $75.00 for the whole thing. Duvet set - $112.00 -(comforter - King size- included bed skirt, two pillowcases, a couple of throw pillows. Yellow throw pillow from Ikea ($5.00)from Painted a couple of hand-me-down nightstands a charcoal gray (About $10.00 total), added new hardware from Target (another $10.00), Framed my daughter's wedding photo (frames from Ikea ($15.00), a saying she likes, and she printed out the month, day and year calendar, marked the actual date they got married (* years ago) and we put them on a ledge from Ikea above the bed. The yellow dresser she had in the basement (free) and we painted it a bright yellow. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's "Sweet Innocence". Total cost of the room was around $300.00. I, too, believe good design need not cost a lot of money. (Her husband falls asleep to the TV and they are now saving for a flat screen to hang in the bedroom).

Anonymous said...

Now that is a savvy price.

Unknown said...

Some of those are deals but yowza $300 on a bench and $1600 on a bed. For $2300 it better look great bc thats not cheap. I'm redesigning my love nest and the budget is around $500. I shopped at thrift stores, yard sales and a hotel that is selling everythiiiiiiing.

Unknown said...

From a man : this is a bedroom I could live in. Very relaxing ... well done !!!!

Unknown said...

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