Friday, August 7, 2009

~the badge~

No contests will be won here, but a good time is sure to be had!

You would think a mess like this would produce a stunningly beautiful badge for "hot bloggust nights" tomorrow in Snohomish Washington.

However, what I came up with is quite simple.

It will be pinned to my bag, so look for me and say hello!
(I accept gifts too!)

Totally kidding!

On another note.
Our neighbor has a outdoor movie screen and
throughout the summer is offering "Friday night at the movies"
Savannah went with her Dad last week,
but tonight we are all headed over to watch "Babe"
should be fun!
Can't wait until tomorrow!


Gwen said...

Your badge is certainly going to catch a lot of attention!

What fun to see movies like that. I wonder if we could do it in our yard?

Unknown said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing it. Your neighbor sounds like a gem.

Angie said...

Love it!

Jackie said...

Very cute badge and very cute bag!! It'll be a big hit I'm sure! Have fun at the movies!

Kimberly said...

Very cute...not sure I'm getting the badge thing, but they are really cute! Is it an area thing?
xxx kim

Unknown said...

Love your badge! Super cute!

warmfuzzies said...

Your badge is very fab! Love the movie idea. How fun!

Petit Coterie said...

Your badge is awesome...What a great neighbor you have, enjoy the movies.

Katie said...

that is stinkin' cute lady! :)

Suzann said...

Your badge (and bag) are lovely.

How fun to enjoy family, neighbors, summer, and movies.

NicNacManiac said...

Enjoy Babe, we watched it a couple of years ago on a large screen and theatre projector outside with alot our neighbours...totally the most fun ever.

Love you badge (simple & chic) and your bag is really pretty. Have fun, hope you meet lots of blogging pals there!!

Marie said...

Ooh la la! Such a chic badge! Love it on that sweet ruffly bag. Btw...if it's not too personal, where did you find said sweet bag? Love that movie, hope you enjoyed it!


Dawn said...

Ooh, I love that badge! It's definately going to attract attention!

And that purse!!! I love it!!!

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