Sunday, August 9, 2009

~a night to remember~

Hot Bloggust night in Snohomish!
What a fun evening!
Annie, from Annie's on First
really outdid herself and had her store so beautifully set up, music played in the background, wine was chilling next to the fresh shrimp, salad, and chocolate covered strawberries!
She even passed out free hats and had giveaways! My friend Kim and I above sipping on champagne at Faded Elegance!
Kim and Timi.... she was so darn sweet and I found out
she lives less than 5 minutes away from me!

Annie, pouring us all wine!

Kim and Isabel from
Maison Douce!
Isabel had on the most fabulous pink outfit ever!
Here is a glimpse of it at a fabulous store called Inside Out.....
and at another one of my favorite stores, Joyworks, I ran into more friends!
Isn't she a doll?
(hi kids!)

Here we are at Faded Elegance.
I LOVE this store.
Every inch of it.

Look at all the goodies!
I also have some exciting news that involves this store and yours truly,
but it's not official yet, so you'll have to stay tuned!

Back to Joyworks where the lovely
Jana and her Mom happily work behind the counter!

And when Jana is not behind the counter,
look what beautiful displays she creates!

Simply gorgeous!
It was definitely an evening to remember!


Jana Johnson Label said...

It was a fun night!! I loved meeting all the bloggers...everybody is so nice and creative!

Lateda said...

awww.. loved seeing you again!
My kids really think of you as a celebrity:) I really want to come out to your G-sale, keep me posted on when it is:) Hope to see you soon!

Ormolulu said...

That really was a fun evening--so glad to meet you. GREAT blog!

Debi a.k.a. Ormolulu

Lori said...

Looks like you ladies had fun ~ everything and everybody looks great!

Kasey said...

please do tell...
what kind of camera are you using??

Maison Douce said...

Melaine, it was sooooo nice to finally meet you in person!!! I am literally blushing as I read your sweet words!!! I had such a wonderful time, it will certainly be a night I will never forget!!

WSU Laura said...

Such a pleasure meeting you! I am still dreaming about your awesome purse.What a fun night! Now what is this about a garage sale????

mimi charmante said...

I can't believe I am going to say this, and I am quite certain the camera gods are going to strike me dead, but I really like the photo of you and I! Will you send it to me?

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