Thursday, September 24, 2009

~home tour~

everyone needs their own grape vines right?
Today we are visiting my friend Annie's home.

You ready?

Check out the delicious hardware on her interior doors!

Hardware can be delicious right? This is a combo dining and sitting area off the kitchen

that has french doors that lead to a gorgeous private yard!
(and that grape vine covered pergola!)
Her gardens are filled with cement and cast iron urns, overflowing with flowers!

The living room, don't you want to just sink into that couch?

A gorgeous fountain outside the front entry.

The entry.

Need I say more?

Exterior lighting.

The master bedroom.

Pure luxury!

I love her use of antiques and new items.

When they remodeled this 1970's ranch style home,

they made all the hallways extra wide and added skylights.

This is a shot from part of the kitchen to the entry.

Back in the master bedroom.

What you don't see is double doors that take you to a

HUGE walk in closet, mini kitchen, and fantastic master bath!

I would never leave!

Guest room bath.

Vintage chandeliers and sconces are everywhere!

Master bedroom fireplace.

hallway lighting, not your standard builders grade!

A larger shot of the hallway outside the master bedroom.

door to the laundry!

Dining room off the kitchen.

thanks for tagging along with me!
And thanks to Annie for sharing her home!


Jen said...

I love door knobs too! Thanks for sharing this home tour :)

At Town Square said...

Love the door knobs. Perfect with the interiors she has. What a lovely house.

Moore Minutes said...

Ahhh, you said "home tour" and I'm all about that so I clicked on over. ;)

What a gorgeous home. I really like the exterior lighting.

Kelsey712 said...

wow, the big couch and the chair in her master bedroom are amazing. My hubby and I are all into comfort and liveability (probably not a word) and those pieces have both of those and style!

thanks for showing us!

Linda Q said...

Awww that was yummy to see, thanks for sharing the tour.
I am ready to move in!

Kathy said...

Oh is there anyway we can find out where on earth she got that hardware for the doors...I am just starting to research that for my own new bedroom door.

Julie Harward said...

Just beautiful..the hardware makes it so special..loved it all, THANKS!

Sarah said...

great house!

Room to Inspire said...

Absolutely beautiful! And those door knobs - you have got to be kidding me - I would never leave.


LuLu said...

you had me at the door knobs and everything else was amazing.

undomestic mama said...

I DIE for those door knobs!

Lucy said...

BeaUtiful...but was hoping for more pics of that lovely vine-covered pergola you mentioned :(

Parisienne Farmhouse Chic said...

Do you happen to know where the door knobs were purchased?

Jo said...

It's lovely ~ the door knobs are fabulous!


Jeanne Oliver said...

Those doorknobs are fabulous!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The door hardware and the exterior lighting make my heart flutter!!

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