Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~I finally got one!~

I have to say I am looking pretty stylish today ladies!
I finally got with the program and bought one of these gorgeous headbands from the FABULOUS Mimi Charmante!
She is so talented, seriously, hand making all of these linen flowers and hand beading them!
Check out this necklace!
I would like one in black on black please Kim,
hint hint!
Check out her etsy shop!
You won't be disappointed!
Her prices are very reasonable and
the headbands don't pinch your head and give you a headache!

Have a great day today!


Rachel H. said...

Cute headband!!

Kasey said...

i wish i wouldn't have given mine away!!

LuLu said...

i want one too! so cute,

Angie said...

Very cute!!

Julie said...

I've been eyeing those too. They're adorable! said...

I must say, I have been coveting for awhile...making my husband very aware of what i want for christmas ;)

Julie Harward said...

SORRY TO COMMENT ALL THE TIME HERE..but I'm new to blogging and I've discovered this awesome world of sisterhood, and am just loving it!
Both..very cute..would love the necklace! I love your hair..been growing mine out, almost there! :D

Unknown said...

LOVE those!!

Maxine said...

Very nice! I love this type of stuff, it looks like is captures meaning.

Moore Minutes said...

sooo pretty! I'm off to check out more. ;)

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