Tuesday, September 1, 2009


If you read my blog you know that this past Sunday I had the whole day to myself!
I started out getting up nice and early and heading into Seattle for a flea market!
She was just as sweet in person as I knew she would be!
And, oh yeah, incredibly talented too!
Check out her booth!!! I love all the lampshades she makes!

I fell in love with this chandelier, actually everything!

Love the numbers on the burlap lampshade~!

And then in another booth I saw this gorgeous huge basket that I thought would make a great coffee table with a piece on top.
But, it was out of my price range at $400.00.
Sure was pretty though.

These vintage metal baskets were cool too
and just the right shade of white with a little rust!

Loved this display. It's fun going to these things just
to see how different displays can be made!

Then we move on to my good friend Dawn.
She has a store on etsy called Great findz.
Just click on her name to take you there!
She is always so upbeat at 8 am in the morning and always has a fabulous booth!
I had that Bemis pillow in my hand and set it down for a second and someone else swiped it!
She also made this piece of art out of a vintage
coffee table covering it in old papers, etc.

I really wanted to buy this. I love how she wrapped
the burlap around the legs. It would be too small for a
coffee table and I just didn't know where I could use it, so I passed it by.

She also had these great old blue locker baskets.
Now I am usually not a huge fan of bright
colors like this, but these were fabulous!
At $22 a pop, they were a steal!

She also covered this short stool on wheels.
How great would this look next to a tub in a bathroom?
Love it!
If the cross was black I would have bought it!

She also had some fabulous glassware.

Ahhhh! Look at this!
Of course she stenciled the numbers on the burlap.

I had a great day!
After the flea market I hit Starbucks and Anthropologie, Restoration hardware and Pottery Barn....and a couple junk shops on my way home!
I find a few goodies for my living room makeover,
but you'll have to wait until the room is done to see!
It's coming along slowly but surely.
The kiddos go back to school tomorrow so I will be able to get a bit more done!
This is the first year I have both kids in
ALL DAY!!!!!
My daughter also got the teacher she wanted which just happens to be the same teacher I had myself in the 6Th grade!
We are both very happy about it!
So, lunches are packed, kids are showered, first day school outfits have been set out, and now I am off to go read bedtime stories to the little one!
Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Melissa Miller said...

Very nice! I adore the burlap bench and the display cabinet. ;)

Barbara Jean said...

What a lovely place to visit.

Love all the rusty and chippy white things.

$400 for that basket????
I don't think so. =0)

barbara jean

Room to Inspire said...

My Mom, her dear friend, the kiddos and I all went to the antique sale on Sunday! It was fun to walk around and then we headed to U-Village...of course! Super fun day, it looks like your was great as well.


deb.kennedy said...

Melaine, you are so sweet to mention us on your blog! I had barely a second to say hello to you before I was swept up by customers. I feel so bad that we didn't get to visit at all. (But I do love those customers!)

You'll have to come to the French Flea in Mill Creek on Sept. 12 so we can try it again!

Debi @ Retreat

Unknown said...

I found that I was able to buy good family room furniture for a great price at the spacify.com. It was less costly than elsewhere.

Unknown said...

Sounds like the best day ever! That's my route. Florida doesn't seem to have the good flea markets. But I do have Anthro. so I will servive! We started school a week ago. My baby is a senior in high school.

SavGarcia said...

o wow! everything is gorgeous! I especially love the chair at the end :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Lots of neat stuff! Everything is very nice!~Patti

Unknown said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me....what gorgeous things you saw :)

And how lovely that your daughter has your old teacher :)

Sarah said...

what a great flea market

Annie said...

Ahhh... the next time hubby and I come over to Seattle, we're going to have to go junkin'!! I just love it over there (we're in Spokane) and now I have another reason to jump on I-90 -- thank you!!

Michelle Hughes said...

I would have loved to be there... I LOVE that basket. It is incredible!

Can't wait to see your makeover!

Shannan Martin said...

Positively drooly! That red cross stool is my favorite piece, but I'm also weirded out by all things red...

Rachel said...

Great stuff! What did you buy? Can't wait to see your room makeover! xoxo

Robin Johnson said...

I'm so glad you had fun. So many amazing items to look at. Sure gald you took lots of photos.

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Isn't Debi talented? She will be a vendor at our Fall Funky Junk Sisters Show. Friday night is a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and Debi will be decorating our pink Christmas tree. Can you just imagine how wonderful it will be with her talent! We will be selling raffle tickets to win this tree throughout the Fall Funky Junk Sisters Show. We hope that you will decide to join us as either a vendor or a shopper!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

jessica said...

what a fabulous outing.
great stuff.

Tay. said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog. Every post makes me jealous!

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Guess what?! Your friend Dawn is going to be a vendor at our show! We remember her from farm chicks, we loved her booth so much and we wanted to chat with her then but she was sooooo busy. Just thought we'd update you!
Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

Ormolulu said...

Thanks for showing photographs of my space at Sand Point . . .

Debi a.ka. ormolulu.com

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