Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I tend to think that things make more of a statement in a grouping, don't you? Look at all this gorgeous pottery, displayed so nicely, and so practical too!

Simple, white, lovely

I just love this photo.
Reminds me of a good day at the flea

and talk about using every inch of space!
how clever!

vintage wallpaper,
my fave!

texture, texture, texture

gotta love black and white

and these gorgeous plates?
Makes me want to go thrifting!

what do you collect?
p.s. my daughter is into collecting pez lately, old and new.
She has 156 to be exact.
If anyone has any pez they would like to unload,
let me know,
you would make her day!


Julie Harward said...

Love the two little cute. I don't know if I like total white that I see so much of...I want to shake it up a little bit and put some blush on to speak! LOL

Bunny Jean said...

I love to decorate with plates, and those in the picture are so sweet.

Traveling Ypsie's 3 said...

Good morning, Wow! What a blustery day here in Oregon and so nice to read your blog and find a few great muffin recipe's.I am off to the Market to get a few items and then we too will have muffins with tea for an afternoon snack.

I collect anything vintage, old with a story to tell, though most of all I collect reclaimed wood picture frames.I also ReArt frames myself and sell in my Etsy store.

Enjoy your day! Thanks again

Love Being A Nonny said...

I collect memories..........Don't love clutter but my mind is full o memories of family and friends.

MARY said...

I just found your site. I love it. I love all the white.

Unknown said...

I collect brown english transferware and lately, cream-colored clocks, and ironstone, and old books and....yikes! Too much. I gave you a blog award today (I know they are tedious!) - but wanted you to know I 'heart' you! Jill

Sarah said...

I love the pic with the horse show ribbons! I have some in the attic, need to get them out!

Allison said...

What beautiful photos! I've just started a collection of vintage trays.

Lori said...

I love old plates and most of them are hanging in my dining room. I started with ones that mean something to me but of course that has evolved into more....

Angie said...

LOVE the second photo. I collect candle sticks. Can't pass them up! Also started collecting budda statues. LOVE EM!

Anonymous said...

love the last picture with the plates! I've collected milk bottles since I was a child... sometimes they get used and sometimes they are on display!

Beth E-R said...

I have a Pez collection too! And a small bag of duplicates I would be happy to give to your daughter. I could bring them to the next Sand Point, Dec. 6. Let me know if you are planning to attend it.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Coco said...

I collect plates. It has been 10 years, and I have 63. My powder bath is ceiling to floor of plates and I have groupings in my kitchen and breakfast nook.

Want tons more!

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