Friday, October 23, 2009

~now that's clever~

Here are some clever ideas that anyone can do!
Via Martha Stewart, stack your benches
to create an instant shelf! From Better Homes and Gardens,
re purpose a vintage railing to hold your mail!

Another clever idea from Better Homes and Gardens,

Make a ceiling medallion out of an old frame and vintage sheet music!
{Kasey, you need to do this in your master bedroom!}

And how cute is this?
Cottage living suggests using an old coat rack
for pots in your kitchen!

Have any vintage clock faces laying around?
Hang them from a chain or ribbon
for an eye catching wall display.
Via Better Homes and Gardens

Here's a clever idea for that farmhouse look!
Instead of traditional window treatments,
hang dishtowels from clothespins!
Thank you Farmhouse Wares!

My head is spinning!
So many great ideas!
Happy Friday my friends!


Jeanne Oliver said...

I love that vintage railing!!! Great always.

Ticking and Toile said...

love the ceiling medallion! Isn't it just amazing what people come up with? It looks awesome---I also love the railing.....


Jess said...

Love the coat rack idea for pots and pans! That is simply genius!

Philigry said...

I love your last two posts! thank you so much. i am so doing that frame above the chandelier in my bedroom. I love everything about that! Hopefully I can find on ethis weekend because I can not wait!

LuLu said...

I'm crazy for the railing... and the coat racks... what a great way to start the weekend with ideas,

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Love the Creative Ideas~ really love the Martha idea of stacking the benches, now just to find more than 1 bench..... Keep up the wonderful ideas & postings you always have, every time I come to your blog, I Smile !

Shannan Martin said...

Love these ideas! And the pictures are swoony.

The Little Red Shop said...

I love the pot rack idea...and really like the actual rack and the bead board wall. I have all of the ingredients needed to bead one entire wall of my back porch...I do it!

: )

Julie M.

cindy said...

You always post the most beautiful things...I love visiting over here. Makes me happy :O) And I need happy.

Kasey said...

great ideas...
and of course you know i love the one with the frame and paper;-0

vicki archer said...

Such cute ideas....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

The Herlings said...

Melanie. A while back you had a posting about a laundry room sign. I believe it was a white room with a black sign on the wall. I tried looking back through your posts to view it again as I am still thinking about it. Can you post that again or send me the link? Please please? You can email me [email protected] or post it on my blog.
Thanks, Lindsay Vancouver,WA

Unknown said...

Great ideas! I love that medallion idea! thanks Melaine!

Melaine Thompson said...

The Herlings~Boy! I wish that search engine on my blog didn't disappear into la-la land! I would google this:

my sweet savannah laundry room, under images

and see what pops up! I'm crossing my fingers for you! xoxo, Melaine

Leen said...

I am now searching for a fabulous old railing for my mail! Love all your ideas :)

The Painted Home said...

LOVE your work! I did something similar to the ceiling medallion in my bathroom. Pls check it out
You are a great inspiration to all of us bloggers! How do you like your IKEA sectional so far? I too was questionalable about purchasing and upholstered piece from there. But Love the look. You did a Fab job in your family room.

Zbigniew said...

the coat rack idea is very charming, I could see my mother doing something like that

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