Monday, November 30, 2009

~vintage ornament wreaths~

I have never made one of these gorgeous wreaths,
I think I have always been a little intimidated.
However, I have oodles of these gorgeous vintage ornaments,
so I may have to try one this year! Eddie Ross shows a quick and easy method here.
This one from Hazel Ruthe's.
Here is the one from Eddies blog.
Canadian living shares this fabulous blue and brown wreath!
Allen designs shows this one with all kinds of beautiful colors!
I love incorporating a little pink into the season!
Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

Want to make your photos larger like this?
Head on over here to see how!
Have a great Monday!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

I totally like where you're heading with this Melanie! You don't find many with vintage ornaments! Go for it!! I wana see. :)

Wouldn't a wreath with varying shades of white and cracked old finishes be amazing?!?


Unknown said...

These are my favorite ornaments. I guy them whenever I can. Check this girls wreath.
I think you will like it.

Bunny Jean said...

I only have two boxes of vintage ornaments from my childhood, and am afraid to make a wreath out of them. They are over 50 yrs old...

I want to enjoy them and may try something that dosen't envolve glue. Any ideas? Some are as large as a grapefuit.

A New England Girl said...

Those are so beautiful! I especially love the blue and brown one. :)

The Chenowiths said...

I've admired these wreaths for years - I'm just scared to try! Maybe I'll buy some cheap ornaments on clearance this year and give it a should to!

Aaron said...

I made one of these the other night! I put mine on a live wreath. It was such an easy project that looks a lot more expensive than it was.

Simply LKJ said...

The wreaths are beautiful. I especially love the blue and chocolate one! I have vintage ornaments that my mil gave me that we hang on an all white tree each year in our library. It really makes a statement since we only use vintage on that tree.

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love the blue and brown. So different and so pretty. Thanks for all the inspirations. Hugs, Marty

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Love those wreaths! If you decide to make one, I can't wait to see it!~Patti

Judy said...

Antique and Vintage ornaments are my absolute favorite...I buy them all year round. I think a wreath would be awesome to make and a great way to show them off.

West Hill Heritage said...

Love the vintage ornaments - what a great thought.

Lori said...

I saw the Canadian Living one and fell in love awhile ago ~ they are oh so pretty and with all those vintage ornaments, I betcha it will be beautiful!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a great way to use these ornaments. I too have boxes of them I might have to try a small one to begin with and see how it turns out.
Great post

Kathy said...

Oh the brown and blues with the chippy door....Heaven

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Melanie --
I love the look of the vintage ornament wreaths (and Magpie Ethel makes them here in Portland) but I am always afraid I'll regret using the ornaments in something "permanent" ... just like I hesitate to cut up old French letters and some music ... just a wimp, I guess.
Took a minute to get caught up on past posts and laughed to myself. Think you said Saturday night you were at play in Seattle? Seems we were across the street ... in town to cheer on someone for the marathon on Sunday.
Small world - huh?
Have a super week and if you make a wreath, show us a pic!
Hugs -
Betty :)

Rachel H. said...

I really love the blue and silver one!! Beautiful!! :)

Kim G. said...

A vintage ornament wreath is over the top Christmas cheer! Love them! Can't wait to see yours!

Tammy @ said...

I dream of a vintage ornament wreath...someday! Your blog is simply beautiful. It seems every photo you share is one that I would choose. Thank you for the daily inspiration!

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

That’s a brilliant idea! It’s very innovative of you to have created this beautiful ornament.

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yuki said...

Wow! Gee it’s gorgeous. This is some amazing door décors. I like it.

House Manila

Jess said...

beautiful eye candy!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Absolutely beautiful! The blue & brown one was a surpise...I love it.

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