Friday, December 11, 2009

~decorating with cranberries~

I am seriously on my way to the grocery store right now
to buy cranberries after seeing this first photo!
You can add cranberries to just about anything.

Attach them to foam balls found at your craft

supply store for holiday topiaries!

This is a simple and gorgeous way to use cranberry garland!

Using them as vase filler with greenery
is a great way to add some Christmas color!
Happy decorating!


Julia said...

Get enough to make some of these sugar-frosted cranberries! They are so easy and beautiful (and addicting when you eat them!). I made some at Thanksgiving and plan to make some to give to neighbors for Christmas.

Simply LKJ said...

Yes, a very inexpensive yet beautiful way to add some color to just about anything. I usually wait to get mine a bit closer so they don't go bad too quickly. I love them mixed with holiday greens and kumquats!

Robyn said...

Those are beautiful! It's funny because I was thinking about cranberries this morning in the shower! LOL I saw a yummy lime slush on someones blog that I'm going to make for our 17th annual Christmas Eve party (but with my friends, I've gotta a little tequila!) and I figured frozen cranberries floating around it would be lovely too!

[email protected] Beneath My Heart said...

Great minds think alike! I love decorating with cranberries because my mom did every year. I found these pictures and shared them on my blog too. They are just so inspirational!

Trez said...

beautiful as always!!! I wish they lasted longer in arrangements down here in the South!

Aura said...

I love the garland! I wonder how long they last for when you do that?

The Little Red Shop said...

How lovely! Have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Vintage Living Magazine said...


That cranberry garland is abolutely beautiful, providng a pop of color against the white fireplace mantel.

It's amazing how something so simple can have such an impact.

Thank you for sharing these. :-)


Stephanie said...

Love the photos! I've decorated with cranberries before. You just have to remember not to put them out too early... I had moldy cranberries once. ooops! lol

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