Saturday, December 12, 2009

~ice is nice~

Here is what is going on in our neck of the woods!
Every now and then, Crystal Lake will freeze over enough for a little ice skating party.
Today was one of those days that we spent the entire day skating around and playing games of ice hockey.
{in fact the rest of my family is still out there, but I was frozen!}
There were kids, adults, dogs, and even the occasional cat out on the ice.
Cody had a friend over and they pulled each other in the sleds until they got more comfortable in skates.

My sweet Cody.

Cody & his adorable little friend.

I got to try out my new ski wear,
it's all about the clothes sometimes, isn't it?
I think we all need a little faux fur and bling on our ski outfits!

My husband dusted off his old hockey gear and felt right at home.

I brought over a huge container of left over cookies from the party last night and all the kids and teenagers were in heaven!
Someone else supplied hot cocoa for all of us.

Savannah got to use her new skates.

It was a fun day,
exhausting and I am sure I will be hurting tomorrow!

My husband brought home from work a giant light so they all could have a game tonight without being in the dark.
It's so bright it lights up half the lake,
too funny!

So because of this I didn't get as much listed on etsy as I would like to have. But, hopefully tomorrow I can add a bit more.
I am also having to get ready for 10 kids coming over Monday for a gingerbread house party.......
somebody stop me!


Country girl said...

Please share with us with what kind of frosting to use. As I want to do it with my class this week. I figured using milk cartons would be easier. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Simply LKJ said...

How fun...I miss those days...skating on the newly frozen pond. I grew up on Long Island, but now live outside of Atlanta...not many icy ponds here! LOL In answer to Country Girl regarding icing...we use the Betty Crocker icing in the cans with the assorted tips to decorate our gingerbread houses and it is super easy!!

Jen said...

That is so cool! Here in CA my boys have to pay alot to play hockey on ice and it is not as pretty as that! Looks so fun!

Kathy said...

When we drove to your open house(which was fantastic by the way, Thank you!) it was dark but we were wondering if the lake was frozen over and reminiscing about how much fun we had as kids when it got cold enough for the ole ice skates to come out......too bad the warm weather is coming (don't tell anyone I just said that).

Pony Girl said...

The pictures are beautiful! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun (despite the cold! ;) I always freak out a little seeing people on frozen lakes do you determine that it is frozen solid enough to be safe?

Unknown said...

i'm completely jealous! we don't get that in texas:( it may ice for a day but that's only on the roads. winter is a complete bummer in texas!
beautiful pics!

Unknown said...

How fun! How do you know the ice is all the way frozen? I'm such a worry wort.
Happy party tomorrow.

Angie said...

That sounds like a blast! What a great time for family and friends!!

Mikal said...

I bet your family will have memories of this day forever... such joyful smiles!



Nina Diane said...

that looks like such fun

Amy Kinser said...

This looks just like something you see on television. I can't imagine ever experiencing something like this. I live in TN. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kim G. said...

Oh this looks like it was so much fun! I love Savannah's white skates. I always wanted white ice skates. Growing up in California we only could dream of ice skating. I went to the ice skating rink at Union Square in San Franciso last weekend and thought it would be dreamy, but alas it was full of a bunch of men in drag. Your skating pond is much much better! Happy Holidays!

Folkman's said...

How beautiful it looks there! How fun!

Susan said...

Looks like fun! Also looks cold! My southern blood isn't thick enough to handle a frozen lake day. Although I love dreaming about it. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

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