Monday, December 21, 2009

~it's amazing what a little white paint can do~

Our living room before and after.
I was just going through some old photos and found this before photo of our living room.
It really is amazing how airy and bright this room feels now! now, to answer a couple questions.....
1) where did you get the glitter letter T on your Christmas gift? {Sandy in Michigan}
You can find them here!

2) where did you get your numbered plates in your dining room? {Jennifer from Texas}
I got them from a company called Rosanna and they are the party raffle line. I think they are retired, but you may be able to find some on eBay or
3) What color is your son's room? {Barbara from New Jersey}
It's called cinnamon cherry by Behr in a satin sheen.
4) do you plan on making any more photo stocking holders. {Donna from California}
Yes! I just found some new {old} hardware so I will be making around 5 more shortly, probably not till after Christmas though.
5) what are your plans for the New Year? {Elly from Texas}
I plan on making a ton of more chunky distressed picture frames, devoting more time to my etsy store, and coming up with some fabulous new creations! I would also like to update our guest bath!
6) what colors are the stripes in your hallway? {Kris from Maine}
They are tee pee brown by Behr and Roadster white by Ralph Lauren.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those before and after pictures are amazing. It doesn't even look like the same place. The room is absolutely beautiful! You have such a great style. Thanks for inspiring us along the way.

Bernadette said...

One more question! :) I absolutely fell in love with the little white glitter houses you had - especially the one under the glass cloche. Did you find it at TJMaxx this year? I couldn't find any anywhere...

Country girl said...

Both pictures are great... of course the after one is nicer.... how about a picture with christmas decorations? Always love how you decorate!

Blayne Macauley said...

Wow. White paint is for walls what "white out" is for paper... it makes everything better :) Looks like you living room would be a great place to hang out. I like the way you answer questions from multiple people in a single post. I might have to try that if you don't mind :)

Lili said...

Love it! And I crave your gorgeous stone fireplace.

the decorating chica said...

Love your decorating projects. Originally found you on ratemyspace at HGTV.

Hannah said...

I think the glitter letters are so precious! Thanks for sharing your source!

Kelly H said...

Melanie, I love your site. I was wondering how you got your beautiful xmas card to be both black and white and have color at the top? I wanted to do something similar but I did not know how. I know nothing about cameras or photography or developing for that matter. Thanks!

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