Sunday, January 10, 2010

~blue & white dishes~

Head on over to my etsy shop and check out my newly listed vintage blue and white dishes~gorgeous!
photo: Country Living


Cecilia said...

Melanie,beautiful image, I also have included it in my last post 3 days ago. I follow your blog for time and.... I am love it.

Good week,


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture! Sophisticated but comfy ~ I love all your posts. You seem to find the best rooms.
I'm trying to get my new blog set up but it's slow going - a little confusing. I have lots of ideas so I hope I can figure it out soon!

vignette design said...

Ooooooh, I love that photo. Love that sofa! I'll check out your Etsy store. I just set mine up and it's a little scary! But so was blogging at first! Love your blog! --Delores

Alecia said...

LOVE the picture....makes me want to just sit down & relax for a few mins.
I checked out your LOVING the I RULE crown picture!!! Gonna have to order one next pay day!!!!!

Le said...

love the plates but what about that trunk and the couch - divine ! le

Teresa's New Life said...

I've been a blue & white collector for years. But, recently have become tired of collecting it. So I've stored some and left some out. I know I will love "discovering" it again in the future.
Love your site. Thanks for sharing.

Sherri Blum, CID said...

I love blue and white dishes! I remember my grandmother saving her money for a set of Blue Willow dishes. She finally got them when I was about six. Now they're mine and I cherish them! I intend to use them well and often (once I get them unpacked from my recent move, of course!) Great blog! I'll visit often!

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