Monday, January 18, 2010

~creme de la creme~

Are you a cream girl or a white girl?
I was thinking about this today, don't know why...
I am definitely a cream girl, maybe because it seems more forgiving and with 2 kids and a dog, I need all the forgiveness I can get!
Don't get me wrong.
I love me some white.
as I look around my house I don't see a lot of it.
Instead it is wrapped in cream.
{I'm getting hungry!}
Different shades of it and different hues, but it all goes so well together.
I found out last week that Home Depot will no longer be selling Ralph Lauren paint!
2 of my favorite creams, "oatmeal" and "roadster white" are made by Ralph Lauren.
Anyway, all the Ralph Lauren paint is 1/2 off.
~I think I'll have to stock up~! I got back last night from a fabulous girls weekend.
It was just what I needed!

But the best part was that on Friday my husband showed up unexpectedly at home during his lunch break.
Wait, that wasn't the best part I was talking about.....
He walked in with a new camera for me!
He knows that I have been wanting one for so long and he thought it was the perfect time since I was going away with the girls!
How thoughtful is that?
Not only did he surprise me with a camera, but also a second zoom lens, a tripod, a carrying case, and a few other extras!

I feel like such a lucky girl!

I did take it with me and get some great shots, but I need to sit down and actually read the manual to really grasp what it can do.

On another note, I thought I'd give you a little update on my "diet"

Today marks the beginning of week 2.
I weighed in today and got pinched and measured again.
Down 2 pounds and 1% body fat!

After that we headed to the park and kicked the soccer ball around for a while.
It's actually 63 degrees here today and NOT raining!

So I don't know what any of that has to do with cream vs. white, but I guess after being gone I felt like I needed to get a few things off my chest!
Hope you are all enjoying your Martin Luther King day!
photos: decor pad


[email protected] in the Attempt said...

I am in love with both. There is something about the serenity and crispness of white while at the same time there is something about the lucid and indulgent nature of creme.

I am trying to harmonize both in my master bedroom...we shall see. It might be a failed attempt...but we shall see.


Congrats on the camera!

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh, please don't make me choose between the two! I love them both but probably lean more towards white than cream, but I have both in my home and find both beautiful to look at.

I am still trying to decide whether to collect creamware or ironstone. Right now the ironstone is in the lead, so I guess right now "white" is winning!

Kat :)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I also have a child, and I LOVE that I can bleach anything that's white!!! It makes my life so much easier, and brighter.

Barbara Jean said...

All sooo beautiful!

Thanks for the tip on the paint sale.
now to find time to get over there!


barbara jean

luciwallis said...

Love your style. I am a total cream girl. Can't have it though my house is to wild!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Beautiful photos. Makes me wish I had a bedroom like that and what a lucky lady you are! Enjoy that new camera!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh my gos...have to say I would be more of a white girl(I think) I love that first bedroom,so calming!! Lucky you to get a nice new camera!!All the best,Chrissy

[email protected] said...

I think I'm a cream girl. I want to lie and say I'm a white girl... but little boy, dogs... not so much. :)
Enjoy your new camera!

Jeanne Oliver said...

I am more of a cream girl. Thanks for telling me about the RL paint....half my house is painted with it and I need to buy a little extra for touch ups.

DustyLu said...

I love both, but white is my true love. It contrasts so well with things. But, I love cream it so soft..can't make up my mind..lulu

DustyLu said...

oh ya have to say camera makes all the differance..we have the nikon D60 and its amazing. def read the up on all the how too's lulu

Miss Mustard Seed said...

How exciting to get a new camera. What did you get? Also, good for you on your diet. I just got off the treadmill...the "winter bulk-up" has gotten a little out of hand. :)

Polly said...

I am definitely a cream girl! I've always gravitated towards the creamier rather than stark white. Although, lately, the Jeanne D'arc Magazine has inspired me more into the white direction!!


Country girl said...

Oh.... i love cream... but also like white too.
Oh... i envy you... i have been thinking of getting a new camera... which camera did you get? You
must have been so surprised! Good luck with the new camera!

Unknown said...

That's tough, I love both! Congrats on the weight loss, keep it up! Krista

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Melanie-

What a nice surprise your husband gave you. You will have to show us what it can do. I am a white and cream mixed person. All white looks lovely in pictures, but to me, feels cold to live in. So I like to use cream to warm it up. I also mix metals - gold and silver tones. Keeps things easy.
Diane @

savvycityfarmer said...

all mixed up for me ...cream and white together ...lots of it ... any shade will do.

ooooh I have a new camera, too with all the extras ... they are soooooo technical ...but will accomplish so much.

Things That Inspire said...

When I was picking the kitchen picture for my 2010 'virtual home' post, I realized that I am a cream team for kitchens. I had a picture of a white kitchen that I liked a lot, but it was cream kitchen that really spoke to me.

And yet, for bedrooms, I am firmly on the white team. I love crisp white sheets.

But - move into the master bathroom - and it is creams. I always like a cream travertine bathroom, or the marble that is creamy, versus the white and gray European hotel bathroom look.

Partyof9 said...

Oh goodness! Thank you for the tip on the Ralph Lauren paint! I need to go get some too!!

how was your ski trip???!!

Kari said...

I just bought my wedding dress in a color called "natural" white. It's not that shocking I-need-sunglasses white that you see a lot of and it definitely isn't ivory. It's the perfect shade!

~Grace Happens~ said...

i love cream, but white holds up best in my crazy household since i can bleach it:)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a fabulous and loving husband! My hubby bought me a camera for Christmas! Gotta love them.

I am a creme girl your photos.

I came over from my sister's blog "Saturday Finds".

I will pop in again soon. Thanks for the visit!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Jess said...

How sad that Home depot is letting go of Ralph Lauren paint-- it is the best! They have all the greatest colors. I'm really bummed right now!

Country Gal said...

Thanks for the tip about Ralph Lauren paint...:(
Ran right over and picked out (not much left)some "fun" colors to spruce up the guest bedroom. Went with "Fine China", not too white, not too cream....just right. The trim is almost a black, "Galvanized", perfect match for all the vintage finds (metal bed, lamp, vintage fans, trunk and crocks)in that room. Now to convince hubby it's a must do project before the Super Bowl. Great deal on the paint...besides 50% off...$5.00 rebate on each gallon...WOW, $30.00 down to $10.00/gal. Maybe I need to go out and see what other "fun" colors I want to add to our home...thanks again.

Lexie Totura said...

I suggest you stock up on the color swatches rather than the actual paint, Home Depot color matches anything you bring in!!! so you can still get all the great colors as long as you have the swatches. my mom and I got 1 of every color. yes you read that right! we love RL paint THAT MUCH : ) xo

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