Thursday, February 4, 2010

~home made Valentines~

I have never been one to buy store bought Valentines.
It just seems so silly to me to do this because I think it is the perfect opportunity for the kids to be creative and have some fun
with arts and crafts!
Now, I do only have 2 kids, if I had more it might be a different story! For the last 2 nights after school we have sat for hours and created with doilies, hearts, pens, glue, paper, glitter, stickers, stamps, and embellishments!

Savannah finished up her class last night and Cody is half way there.
I made just one giant one for the kids' bus driver.

I love going down to my craft room and pulling out everything red, pink, white, and purple!

And I love to see what my kids will come up with year after year.

This is one of Cody's finished Valentines.
He has had this girl in his class 2 years in a row now.
Her name is Sydney.
Cody refuses to call her that.
He thinks it's "Cindy"
I just don't have the heart to tell him.
Sorry Sydney, aka "Sindey"
Happy Valentines day anyway!
p.s. About an hour before I took these photos Cody choked on a piece of hard Valentines candy. I tried to give him water and he couldn't swallow it, it just came right back out. Then he turned really pale and started looking like he was going to throw up but nothing was coming out. I picked him up from the back and did what I thought was the Heimlich and the candy came flying out!
It was so scary, scared us both. The reason I am telling you is to be sure to watch your kids extra close if they have hard candies this V-day. I wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else.
I'm just glad I was right there.
p.s.s. A lot of you asked where I got my veggie prints from for my project a couple posts back. I went to add the info. to the post and accidentally deleted the whole post, oops!
Anyway, I just googled "copyright free vegetable images" and got several from several different sights but I didn't remember to keep track of them for ya, sorry!


vignette design said...

I love homemade valentines. I think it's great your kids made their own.

Angie said...

WOW!! Glad Cody's ok! That has ALWAYS been one of my worst fears as a parent. My daughter was 10 months old and started choking, spitting up blood and turned blue. This was 2 days after a car accident we had been in where the car seat strap burned her neck. We had to call 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. She turned out to be okay but ever since the poor kids can't even cough near me without sending me into a complete panic!

Amy said...

so cute! and glad he is ok! this reminds me i really want to take cpr classes....

Florence said...

I love that parents take the time to make things with their children, my girls are doing that very same thing with theirs. I did it with them when they were young and now they are carrying on the same traditions. I am so glad your son is alright. That had to have been so scary. Florence

SeaWorthy said...

Thats AWFUL!!!

(not the valentines, they are sweet)

Finn did that about 2 years ago at Christmas..Ive never been so scared in my life. Thank goodness for the cooler heads in the room!

Low Tide High Style said...

Wow, I'm so glad your son is ok and like you said, that you were right there to help him...very scary!

The Valentine's are wonderful and having something that's handmade is always very special!

Kat :)

Katie said...

I love homemade Valentines! I love how you are so involved w/ your kiddos :)

By the way, great job w/ the heimlich~as a nurse I realize even more how important it is for people @ home to know & be able to do that, as well as CPR! Very good to know, never know just when you might need to use it! :)

Unknown said...

What a scary thing for you and Cody. My daughter choked when she was 1. She had flem stuck in her throat and didn't no how to clear it. She was blue, I was on the phone with 911 and had to shove my finger between her clenched teeth and broke the seal. Very scary.
Glad all is well.

Between You and Me said...

love the valentines....great time with your kids that you don't get back.

So glad that Cody is's moments like that when we realize how fast something tragic can happen.

Basil Becky said...

My kids are grown now...28 and 25, but I used to love to help them make homemade valentines and boxes. My daughter at 25 still makes her own.....Great times enjoy, not the candy part, but the rest it goes by way too fast.

Fancy said...

How scary! I'm glad you were close and were able to get that candy out. My mom never let me have malt balls growing up because my uncle choked on one when they were little and my gramma had to do the Heimlich on him. Good idea on the homemade valentines. I like the vintage images :)

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

Precious, just precious

cherished*vintage said...

Oh wow, I can so relate... My 7yo daughter Sydney is referred as "Sindey" by a little boy she's had in her class the last two years. Ha! We think it's actually cute. I'm so glad you were right there by your son! My youngest choked on a rubber Polly dress when she was 2 - thankfully I happened to be right there. I wacked her on the back and boy, that rubber dress flew across the room! It scared us both so much too. Oh and, we'll be making our Valentines soon. I know we should have started sooner... you're so on top of it.

Country Gal said...

The choking incident reminded me when my brother was 2 (I was 10) he choked on a peppermint disc. Parents did the same water thing, I dialed 911 (not sure if we had that back in the 60's, but you got the idea). Paramedics told my parents they almost "drowned" him with the candy lodged in his throat that way. As a parent my kids NEVER had hard candy of any sort...made them a deal, any hard candy they received at birthday parties or as gifts, they would "trade in" for any other kind of candy or treat at the store. Worked so well, my daughter called from college to "announce" she just had her first cough drop. My children now parents do the same with their kids...a little info..."Lemon drops or the round yellow balls called Lemonade something...the WORST. Can not be brought up using the hemlich per our local fire dept." Not worth taking the chance when chocolate is sooo much better anyways.

Bohemian chic said...
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