Saturday, March 27, 2010

~dreamy whites giveaway~

You may want to head on over to Dreamy Whites for a HUGE giveaway! Good luck!
I hope I
I mean...... you, win!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Awesome giveaway Dreamy Whites is having! I am giving away the book if anyone out there wants their name in the hat.

Cherry Blossoms said...

What an amazing giveaway. Thanks for passing this on. Have a great weekend

Dreamy Whites said...

Miss Melaine,
AHHHH You are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much for posting about my giveaway!!!!!!! I really appreciate you doing that!! I wish you luck!
I was in shock when I was informed that is what she wanted to giveaway!
Hope you are having a great day!
I really wish I could come to the Farm Chicks show and meet you!
Take Care,

Marigene said...

What a fabulous giveaway and generous...that Brocade Orchid is gorgeous...I am in love!

Marigene said...

Oh, and I have been a follower for a few months!

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