Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~planning my window boxes~

It's that time of year.
Time to plant the window boxes and I have a ton of them!
One of my favorite things to plant in them is nasturtium seeds.
They were my Grandmothers favorite flower.
I get the trailing kind.
They are full and beautiful and hard to kill. They are susceptible to bugs though,
so you do have to watch them closely for that.

This year I am adding to the mix..........
New Zealand impatiens
English ivy
sweet potato vine
purple lantana

In hopes that they will look like the one in the picture!
I love how full they are and the colors are so vibrant!
Wish me luck!
The seedlings should start popping up in a little under 2 weeks!
photo source


It's me said...

Good luck with your window boxes !!

My dear us a picture later ............i am going to bed now...............happy day for you and your familly !! hugs from me Ria

Jackie said...

They look fantastic!

Jann said...

these are looking really sharp-so springie!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I've been doing this today, and all last week! Finally done! They are full of fir trees and tiger ferns, pale pink verbena and ivy geraniums... and loads of English ivy. I adore window boxes!

Judy said...

One of my favorite things to plant is sweet potato vine. Here in the deep south it grows and thrives until late winter, usually until November or December. Maybe I'll get my wall planters (in my courtyard and privacy fence) planted this weekend, thanks for the inspiration!


Annesphamily said...

I do declare, Spring has sprung!

[email protected] said...

I planted mine last weekend. I never know what I will put in them, just this and that of plants I find, so they are different every year :)

Shannan Martin said...

I adore sweet potato vine! That bright, chartreusey color looks smashing with just about everything. I need to get busy planting my one measly box!

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

The already look great - love the progress of flowers and plants during the entire season.

Dawn said...

So Melanie, tell me...I live in Auburn WA, and everytime I do my window boxes I buy plant starts. I have never done them from seed...can you give me some pointers...I need to plant them now right?? How do I layout the seeds in the boxes...See?? this is why I always buy starts...any info you could share would be fabulous! :)

Seizing My Day said...

Oh I need to get to it this year! I am not motivated this year!! =) I planted flower seeds with my little girl... but we need to come up with a plan on where they will go! hm...
Can't wait to see your window boxes! fun!

Little Emma English Home said...

Hi Melanie!! love how your window looks like with all those wonderful flowers!!! I'm getting into gardening as I've never done.

Wish you a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Yea fo Sweet Potato Vine. I only discovered this beauty a few years ago. Before that i used to plant vinca vine. It's nice but no where near the bang for your buck as sweet potato!I'm here in New Jersey and it also grows here well through the fall.You guys are making me want to plant so bad but I usually wait until Mothers Day weekend.We are well past any freeze by then and it's a great excuse to get all my kids outside with me to plant! Happy planting all you beautiful Southern Bells! <3

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

So Pretty, and thanks for the tips on what to plant!

Unknown said...

Hi Melanie! Your window boxes are beautiful! I'm building my new house and I'm now into gardening as I've never tought I will be! I think it's that because I will also have a garden..and I'm starting to think about it as a "room" to decorate, but with flowers!

rosiecampbell said...

Have fun planting your window boxes! Definitely post a picture.

Jana @ Southern Country Cottage said...

Hi! This is my first time leaving a comment. I pop in on your blog often though and wanted to tell you that I really enjoy it. You give me much needed inspiration some days. :) I love the window box! I planted mine on the deck early this year but am not happy with them. I was getting ready to give them a make-over today and like I've inspired me once again! Off to get my garden tools right now!

Kelley said...

Hi Melaine, I will try some too! Thanks for the inspiration...

D. Jean Quarles said...

Good luck. It sounds like it will look amazing.

Gypsy Heart said...

Love flowers and I love window boxes! I don't have any but am getting some plants started...and I bought a huge pot of red geraniums yesterday. LOVE them!

Hope you're having a great weekend ~

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