Friday, May 7, 2010

~3 little chicks~

I bought myself a mothers day gift today.
Did I tell you my husband went away on a guys weekend?
Who does that?
Anyway, I went to a few garage sales today, my usual Friday.
I found these little chicks~aren't they sweet?

So, I bought them for myself.
Three dollars.
I know, I splurged.
Went all out.

I though I deserved some $3 chicks since
I have to be alone all weekend....
and 3 chicks are better than 1 husband sometimes,
just sayin.
Then on my way home I thought~
why not stop and get a pedicure and a massage too?
I mean, since I only spent $3 on myself, what the heck?
Now back to reality.
Kids are out of school.
Husband is still gone.
House is a mess.
Oh, and I had a allergic reaction to salad I ate at Trader Joes.
I NEVER get allergic reactions!
But my eyes swelled shut pretty much and my face looked like it had a bad sunburn.
A few gulps of benadryl and I'm feeling a bit better.
Apparently I ramble on while on this drug......
sorry about that.
~See ya all tomorrow~


Anne Lorys said...

Hi Melanie!
Oh, you poor baby!

Yep, I think you totally deserved those $3 chicks, no doubt about it. And the pedicure and massage, absolutely! The allergic reaction, not so much!

Take care of yourself, and Happy Mother's Day!


Melanie said...

I sure hope you are okay. I have never had that happen before.

Love the 3 chicks and yes you should get a pedi & massage.

Happy Mothers Day!

Angela said...

I love your chickie-babies!! Man, what a weekend. You've got him right where you want him now...he owes you big time!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

oh wow. these are just too cute xo happy mothers day weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

oh you poor thing! i hope you feel better real soon! i do love those sweet chicks! and good for you for treating yourself! i hope you have a wonderful mothers day!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh Melaine, you poor dear. I hope you are able to determine what caused the reaction so you can prevent it from happening again.

I absolutely love your little chicks! I would not have been able to pass them up either. My boys are treating me to a spa day for Mother's Day and I am really looking forward to it.

I hope the rest of your weekend and Mother's Day is absolutely fabulous!

~ Tracy

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

Your chicks are so cute and you deserve them and your mani/pedi.
Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

My husband went on a boys weekend this weekend too! So I went to an estate sale yesterday and got some good stuff. He took the camera so no pictures.
Happy Mothers day to you!

Kimberly Knoess said...

Sorry about the salad reaction, but I love this post so much! The sarcasm about how you deserve the $3 chicks is priceless! Thanks for being so open, because I think that every wife and every mother has had these same sentiments at some point. I am very happy that you had the pedi and massage, because you do deserve it!
Get well soon!!!

i am pam said...

Sorry for your not so fun turn of events. but i will say... this post made me glad happy that I follow you. you are real!

Partyof9 said...

A guys weekend? lol What do they have to get away from?? Seriously?
My husband is gone nearly every week while I stay at home taking care of 5 kids...4 in school at least part of the day.
He wouldn't dare! ;)

I am sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. To me, it's so typical to have SOMETHING go wrong when the spouse is away. My car Nissan Armada died in the High School parking lot two days ago. Husband was on a plane from Phoenix to Charlotte. He wasn't coming home, he was going on to Raleigh. Until my car died. It's laughable now. Something always goes wrong when the hubs is away.
Anyways...enjoy some quiet time.

I totally forget about sending the check to you. Life!
I PROMISE to have another check out to you. I feel so bad!!!!!!!!!

Simply LKJ said...

Awww...they are sooo cute! And, girlfriend you deserve the $3 chicks, the pedicure and the massage!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Oh goodness, that happens to me when I get near pesticides. It's days before your eyelids are super tender from the stress. I have to divert the eyeliner, and only lite mascara for a few days. Hope you have a better weekend. Guys weekend on Mother's Day, they are all crazy, and gonna pay for that next week.

afistfullofweeds* said...

Well Great, Mine is out of town at a school for his company!!~ I never have any help anyway........That's it!! Iam gonna buy me some chicks too!! The other sounds good too!!!!!!

Beth said...

Sorry about the reaction...hubbies, yeah, I got one too! Hmph!
Love the chickies & ooh pedi & massage...good for you!
Happy Mothers Day!

awal.ny said...

Oh no, I hope you are feeling better. Love the 3 chicks, bad husband. Have a Happy Mother's Day.

June said...

Melanie, I hope that your chicks weekend was fun inspite of the reaction to the salad. I hope that you will treat yourself to the message and pedicure very, very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melaine,
You poor thing! Hang in there. My husband has been gone for almost 2 months and I still can't catch up on the mess in my house. I guess it doesn't help with little ones under foot. Oh well! Have a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Elisabeth said...

Those are cute, can you tell us how you painted your sign? I have seen other tutorials for painted signs, but I can never figure out if they cut a stencil out of the letters and fill it in, or if they cut out the letters, trace around it, and fill it in. Which way did you do it?! Or is there another totally different way? I know it shouldn't be so hard to figure out, but if I try to make one, I don't want it to look like a 5 year old painted it!!
The chicks are cute too!

Amor Designs said...

You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon! Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to you!

Cottage Dreamers said...

Oh no! That's awful! I hope you're better now. Those chicks are adorable.
☺ Celeste

KK said...

You definitely need to find out what was in that salad! Also, call your family physician & ask for an EpiPen prescription. Allergic reactions are no joke. My SIL almost died from a single regular (not fire) ant bite. Can you imagine? I almost had a girlfriend who had a major reaction to a cookie she ate at a picnic. Still no idea what ingredient caused it. Better safe than sorry.

{oc cottage} said...


m ^..^

Jen Kershner said...

No.He.Didn't. So where are you headed for Father's Day weekend? I hope you have a great weekend even if it means a shopping spree.

paige said...

oh no!!!
well, did you decorate the dog house he'll be sleeping in?

surely you really did drop in the for the massage & pedi, surely!
& the three little chickies are adorable

im so sorry you puffed up post salad....major bummer

hope you have a fantastic mothersday melaine! you always make me smile

More Chic Than Shabby said...

Those litte chicks are so cute and unique. Good for you for pampering yourself.

mythology said...

love those chicks!

Momma Rhyne said...

Sometimes the cheap finds are the best!.. SOMETIMES. I got 5 burlap sack for $5 for myself for mother's day!! We really spoil ourselves rotten! LOL. And your hubby better get you something awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Too Funny Melaine, I like the comment "Three chick are better than one husband" HaHa! I was alone on Mothers day too. Both kids in college and my husband had to unexpectadely get to LA for an 8am meeting Monday morning. So I was only alone part of the day. I do expect a great "make it up" gift though,

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